How to help

There are lots of ways to get involved! To help our children, you can:

  • Donate

    The easiest way to help is to transfer money to an ill child. Sometimes this is the most important way of helping!
    The life and health of a child nowadays often depends on money. This is especially true for children from the FSU states. The treatment abroad, medications, transport – all of this is not covered by health insurance and costs a lot of money, which most people don’t have. And there is hardly any time to collect these resources. When the child is expected in the clinic and it is all about hours and minutes then your money gives him a chance! You can literally save someone’s life!
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  • Support with prayer

    By pleading with God and showing our love we help good things and miracles to happen.
    Nothing in this world happens without God’s will. In difficult moments such as an illness, especially the illness of a child, a person has the option to either get closer to God or turn away from him. We ask you to support our children with a prayer and a kind word! We maintain a list of names of the people who need it and update it every month.
    See the prayer list

  • Sponsor

    A continuous and severe illness drains the family not only psychologically, but also financially.
    In such a family there is no resource for a career. Even if the child has a mother and a father and his relatives, his parents will not be able to work properly. In this situation buying clothes, products, transport costs and other everyday life expenses become a heavy chore. To help these families we are looking for sponsors, who could take them for a prolonged period of time under their care so that the parents can focus on the most important thing – the treatment of their child!
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  • Help with accommodation

    Sometimes it is also the case that living in the hospital is too expensive for the family. We try to support them in this too. If you have the possibility to rent a flat for a short period for such a family or rent out your flat, offer accommodation for free or support them with the payment for the accommodation – we would appreciate your help a lot
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  • Help with equipment

    The children need many different facilities and training machines for their rehabilitation and development – special compress costumes, exercise bikes for wheelchair users, wheelchairs themselves and many other things. Sometimes we are in need of a respirator. If you want to help us to obtain such equipment and could help us transport it to Russia and the FSU states from Europe, please phone us!
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  • Spread the word

    You can place our banner on a blog, website or forum to spread the information about sick children who need help.
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    You can also just give a link, tell about Good Deed on a forum or in a social network.