First program period Dobro More

We are glad to report that the rehabilitation education center Dobro More has successfully started its activities – the recent dream has already come true. From Oct 12 till 22, the first program period – the very first one – has taken place. There where 4 families of care-receivers coming from Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kyev; 12 volunteers and 7 professionals from Russia and Germany have been employed.
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Our care-receivers say: first program period Dobro More

We visited a wonderful place and participated in a magnificent program called “DobroMore”. The program is organized by the Russian Orthodox Diaconia “Good Deed.” They invited us to Montenegro, organized everything from arrival to departure, they thought out everything to the smallest detail. It’s hard for me to imagine how many months the team worked on preparation of our 6 days going so great. Read more


Dear friends, we are happy to give to everyone wishing again the opportunity to help children and adults in distress.
In the previous month, with your assistance, we have provided the help to:
Denis Krasnikov, 16 years old, cerebral palsy, Voronezh, and Danil Kukarkin, 11 years old, cerebral palsy, Bashkortostan.
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Charity bazaar in Cologne, 13-10-2019

On October 13, we have held in Cologne a charity bazaar to support the families of our care-receivers with gravely ill children.
There was an opportunity to get a delicious lunch or to purchase exquistive pastry. Beside the volunteers of Diakonia, the sisterhood and many members of the St. Panteleimon parish in Cologne took part in preparations and holding the action.


Greetings from Bogdana K.

Warm greetings to everybody from our care-receiver Bogdana K., 6 y.o., from Ekaterinburg. The little one is recuperating after a surgery performed in Schön clinic, Munich, on September 12. Our Diakonia has found a charity fond that payed a part of the costs. Letter of the Mother.