Thank you for your support!
I was very glad to see many of you on our regular Volunteer Day, which has been held with success in the beginning of July! Closer to September, all participants will receive the deciphered texts of the talks and other materials. Additional information, as well as the conditions for participation in the joint project of Diakonia and a Moscow charity organization “Miloserdie”: “White Flower”, that has been conceived on the Day of the Volunteer, will be posted on our website
I thank everyone who, despite the vacation season, summer heat and children holidays, did not leave the service, and helped his neighbor as much as possible.

In July, we have been raising funds for Kolya Matanov, 6 years old, autoimmune encephalitis. The required amount is collected! We have helped with finance and organization the families of Denis Krasnikov, 13 years old, cerebral palsy, Masha Laputina, 1.8 years, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, West syndrome, Sergei Rutsiev, 10 years old, clubfoot. Our volunteers also cared for a few dozen other care-receivers in various cities and countries.

Now the following people are waiting for our help:

Dima Sergienko, 11 years old, cerebral palsy, Novaya Usman of Voronezh region, Russia.
A child combats the difficulties starting from his birth and refutes the negative prognoses of the doctors.
Dima does swimming (a year ago he took the first place in the regional competition), is fond of chess, has reached the 4th grade in the usual school program. He regularly needs courses of therapeutic fitness, kinesiotherapy, and orthopedic shoes. The financial resources of the family are exhausted. Since March this year, they cannot buy a new wheelchair in place of the old broken one. On his own, Dima can walk no more than 1 km. He works on the skill to walk without support and, perhaps, once he will not need the stroller. However, it is absolutely necessary now. The cost of the Convaid EZ Convertible stroller, that his mother dreams to buy for her beloved son, is 2500 euros.
Egor Zabolotny, 1 year old, Kharkov, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 5th degree. After the meningoencephalitis, Egor can hear only sounds louder than 100dB. Now he uses the most powerful hearing aids, but they do not help. The only chance for a child to hear the world around him is a cochlear implant.
The cost of the implant is 27000 €. For the parents of the child this is an unimaginable amount. At the moment, EUR 5,000 is collected. It is necessary to collect EUR 22,000 more.
Zakhar Tsaplin, 11 years old, Kyiv region, Ukraine, kidney transplantation.
Practically, Zakhar lives in hospitals since the age of five. With much difficulty, his mother managed to get from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the necessary amount for a transplantation surgery. The kidney transplantation was successfully performed in Minsk. Now the boy will have a long rehabilitation period and requires the medicine support. To prevent the rejection of the donor kidney, Zakhar needs to take progestin, MMF, valcyte regularly. It cost about EUR 500 per month.
The mother is fighting for her son all alone since the father has left the family and is not interested in Zakhar’s life, nor in the life of his younger brother, who currently lives with his grandmother. We are searching for sponsors who are ready to support Zakhar and his family for the coming six months.
Ksenia Ageeva, 2 years old, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), type 1.
Ksenia cannot walk, cannot sit, does not hold her head. At the moment, she can still move feet and hands to the elbow joint. The feeding proceeds through the nasogastric tube, yet she breathes on her own, although at night she requires an artificial lung ventilation through a mask. The mental abilities are not affected so the girl develops as other children of her age.
Just like all children, she likes to watch cartoons, read books, walk outside, cuddle with her mother and play with her dad. She enjoys every new day and teaches others to value every dayof life.
At the time she was diagnosed, the disease was considered incurable. Therefore, the baby was prescribed palliative care. However, in 2016 a new medication Spinraza (nusinersen) has appeared. The drug is certified in the USA and Europe. Its market price is EUR110,000 for a single injection. The children taking the drug restore their lost mobility skills, yet the treatment should start as early as possible. The certification of the medication in Russia is underway, but the process will take at least a year. Ksenia does not have this time to wait. The child is weakening every day. There are fewer and fewer working muscles.
For the child to survive, it is necessary to make 6 injections of Spinraza within the coming year. The price tag is € 701,420 In the family, the father is the only bread-winner, since the mother must be always with the child. At the moment, EUR 70,000 euros have been collected. For the first injection, EUR 40,000 more is needed.

I hug you heartily,
Yours Alina Titova

For the health of:
infants Mikhail, Angelina, Uliana, Luka, Alexandra, Elena, Pavel, Arseny, Igor, Artemy, Savva, Elizaveta,
children Dimitry, Zachariya, Alexy, Stepan, Nikita, Roman, Dimitry, Ariadna, Mikhail, Daniel, Eldar (privately), Ruslana (cell)
Alexy, Ekatherina, Natalia,Yulia, Sergy, Fotinia, Pavel, Daniel, archpriest Sergy.

For the repose of infant Elena
(Please also pray for her parents: Victoria and Dimitry)

For the health of our volunteers and friends and for God’s help in their every good deed:
Ludmila, Elena, Olga, Ekatherina, Eugeny, Irina, Vera, Larissa, Elena, Alla, Roman, Elena, Gregory, Gleb, Eugeny, Elena, Alexandra, Ksenia, Anna, Maria, Elena, Elena, Lyubov, Irina, Ksenia, Amalia, Elena, Tatyana, Christina, Larissa, Olga, Maria, Sergy, Irina, Vladislav, Svetlana, Ekatherina, Ksenia, Irina, Ekaterina, Elena, Nikolai, Lyudmila, Olga, Vera, Alla, Angelina, Sergy, Alexandra, Galina, Yuli, Anton, Nikolai, Elena, Eugenia, Elena, Marina, Marina, Margarita, Daniil, Andrey, Ksenia, Elena

Please also pray for their relatives!

Photos Orthodox Volunteer Day

Here they are!

The Orthodox Volunteer Day has taken place!


Greetings to you all!
Dear friends, I thank you heartily for your support!
In May, with joint efforts we managed to pay:
ortheses for Denis Krasnikov, 14 years old, cerebral palsy, tetraparesis and treatment in Asklepios Clinic in St. Augustine for Savva Linenkov, 5 years old, from Ukraine, еsophageal atresia.

Here is the list of our “urgent” care-receivers in June and July: Read more

MAY 2018

Hello everyone!
Dear friends, thank you for your support.
In April we contributed to the payment for the rehabilitation course in Budapest for Alexey Holkin, 11 years, ICP, epilepsy; we found a sponsor for a long term support for Artem Agarkov, 5 years, Rostov region, Ileus, intestinal atresia and hypercephalus; and paid for the purchase of a house for the Kochnovyj family with multiple children, from Donetsk.
In May we ask you to help: Read more