A collection for Diakonia

There is a tradition in St. Nicholas parish of Amsterdam. In periods of fasting, the collectants during Liturgy apporoach the parochians with two collection baskets. One of them is for church needs, another one is for a charity goal. By decision of the parish council, the collection of the 2017 Navity fast was for care-receivers of our Diakonia. More then EUR 1,700 has been raised in five Sundays. We hearthfully thank the clerics and parochians of St. Nicholas church for their generous support!


Dear friends, the spring is coming soon!
Winter retreats, the forces in Nature awaken, a hope for new life emerges.
We have worked well in the winter. With your help, we have closed several hot requests and needs of our care-receivers. A low bow to you from all of them.

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Dear friends, welcome to the new year!
In December, we have helped:
Danya Barannikov, 5 years, brain tumour, treatment in Israel
Nastya Paramonova, 5 years, CNS damage, tetraparesis, treatment in Poland

In January the following children need our help:
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Charity bazaar in Essen

In the day of Christmas feast, we have held a charity bazaar on the premices of St. Cosma and Damiaan church in Essen. This time the team of volunteers has changed, new helpers have come. This year, a new part was a lottery for children. As it used to be, there were handcrafts, bakery, and books. We would like to thank the priest of the church – archpriest Victor Alekseev – for his support, as well as all helpers, visitors, and donators.

With our joint efforts, we have raised EUR 723 for Nastya P. (CNS disorder) and Liza E. (cerebral palsy)

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Dear friends, congratulations with the forthcoming feasts!

Now it is a right time to remind people that Good does exist. In fact, the “now” time is generally the best time for good deeds. And it is easy and natural to do this in these pre-Christmas days.
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