Greetings to you all!
Dear friends, I thank you heartily for your support!
In May, with joint efforts we managed to pay:
ortheses for Denis Krasnikov, 14 years old, cerebral palsy, tetraparesis and treatment in Asklepios Clinic in St. Augustine for Savva Linenkov, 5 years old, from Ukraine, еsophageal atresia.

Here is the list of our “urgent” care-receivers in June and July: Read more

PROGRAM of the Orthodox Volunteer Day, Darmstadt, July 6-8, 2018

July 6, Friday

16.00Registration of the participants
17.00Prayer in the church and tea
18.00A short excursion to the places in Darmstadt connected with Elizaveta Fedorovna(Rosengarten, mausoleum)
20.00Return to the church. Evening tea with bakery, get-together.
21.00Accomodation in the hotel. Preparation of the poster session

July 7, Saturday

9.00Arrival and prayer to St. John of Shanghai. Opening of the Volunteer Day, Fr Ilya Limberger
9.30Talk: On the relationship between Russian and German volunteer movements and about Diakonia’s activities for the year. Alina Titova, “Good Deed”, Germany
10.00Presentations: Introduction to the work of diaconal groups at German parishes and the volunteer groups of other countries
11.00Coffee break. Conference photo.
11.30Talk: On the organization of volunteer work at Caritas and the relationship between church and charity structures. Markus Schwer, Caritasverband Stuttgart
12.15Talk: On the Purpose and Implementation. Volunteering and charity in Russia. Olga Pozdeeva, charity fund “Reka Detstva”, Moscow.
13.00Coffee break
13.15Training seminar: On partnership, attention and creative work with seriously ill children.
Konstantin Sedov, Hospital Clowns, Moscow
17.00The vespers
18.30Work in sections:

Interaction and mutual support of the church and secular charity

Burnout and efficiency in volunteer activities. Why and how a volunteer can get happy.

20.00Conclusions of the work in sections

July 8, Sunday

10.00Divine Liturgy
12.00Charity action “White Flower”
14.00Closing and acknowledgements

Jugendherberge Darmstadt
Landgraf-Georg-Str. 119
64287 Darmstadt
Kirche d. Hl. Maria Magdalena,
Nikolaiweg 18,
64287 Darmstadt-Mathildenhöhe
+49 178 5408805, Alina Titova,
+49 170 8125818, Denis Sudobin
The program is subject to change! Actual information is on the website.

MAY 2018

Hello everyone!
Dear friends, thank you for your support.
In April we contributed to the payment for the rehabilitation course in Budapest for Alexey Holkin, 11 years, ICP, epilepsy; we found a sponsor for a long term support for Artem Agarkov, 5 years, Rostov region, Ileus, intestinal atresia and hypercephalus; and paid for the purchase of a house for the Kochnovyj family with multiple children, from Donetsk.
In May we ask you to help: Read more

Orthodox Volunteer Day, July 7 in Darmstadt

The Orthodox Volunteer Day, which was established in Russian Orthodox Diocese of Berlin and Germany to be celebrated every year on the first Saturday in July, will take place this year on July 7th in Darmstadt. The program encompasses July 6-8 and will be held in two locations: Jugendherberge Darmstadt, Landgraf, Georg-Str. 119, 64287 Darmstadt and Kirche d. Hl. Maria Magdalena, Nikolaiweg 18, 64287 Darmstadt-Mathildenhöhedurchgeführt.

The Orthodox Volunteer Day will be devoted to st. Elizaveta Fyodorovna, a great contributor to the development of charity in Russia, to White Flower action, sisters of mercy activities, the spititual base of charity and beneficence. As usual, apart from the exchange of experience between the volunteers and volunteer groups from different countries, there will also be meetings and masterclasses with valuable specialists and interesting people in the field, amongst which there will be the representative of the German charity organisation Caritas, the Mother Superior of a women’s orthodox monastery, directors of Russian charity foundations and organisations and coordinators of socio-communal and business projects. We will get to know each other, answer work-related questions, discuss the topics of serving and intended purpose, the interrelationship of worldly and clerical benevolence, the possibilities of working together with deaconry and benevolence structures from other countries and the necessity of happiness and spiritual growth for the volunteer.

The program will end on Sunday, July 8, 18:00. The updates will be published here.

The registration form has to be filled before June 1st. The registration fee is EUR 30, this includes housing and food. Please pay it here.

Questions and suggestions are accepted by phone or e-mail: +49 178 5408805, Alina.Titova@orthodiakonia.de

Program of the Day

Charity markt in Essen, 1-4-2018

On Palm Sunday, at the church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Essen we have held a charity fair. As before, there were crafts made by children and adults, baked goodies, books. “And when is the next fair? I will have time to finish the homemade candles. “” Were my socks sold? Ok, I will make more”- such words of parishioners testify that the fair lives and will continue. Till the next fair …
We thank the priest of the church – Archpriest Victor Alexeyev, for his support, as well as all the assistants, participants and donors. All together, we have collected 400 euros for Isabella B. and Nicolai O.