There are caring, sympathetic people, unable to pass by, always ready to help and support. They hold the world together. It is not easy to ask for help. This is why all the good sent to you and needed for life, is so valuable !
On behalf of entire Rusetsky family from Belarus, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Diakonia Good Deed charity organization for the help in our struggle for the life of Ilya. Thank you, all volunteers who helped us for three months to translate documents, negotiate with clinics in Germany, and provided legal and financial assistance ! Thanks to you, we were able to find a cure for the disease with all the complications. With all my heart I bow down to you ! We wish a great future to your foundation !

Santa Claus has brought the gifts, and everyone was very happy! Sasha was thanking all the time) Petya has spent the whole evening in the headphones and went to sleep in them, the bike was put in in use – so Nikolai is no longer at home) Vera is very happy with the doggy) And Sasha said that after playing Twister, his muscles became hard and strong (I also have to try …))) Thank you all very much for your love invested in buying gifts! Thanks to those who packed it, it is done so nice… I can imagine how long it took. Thank you very much, God bless everyone!
Provotorov family, Dortmund

I wish to thank your entire team for helping my family!
Thank you for the gifts, for the presents, for the help in purchasing medicines. Only yesterday I was worried where I would live, how we would fly, and today we are at home and I can’t even believe that everything worked out and everything worked out only with your help! If not for you and your team, I would not have managed it, neither financially, psychologically nor physically. Special thanks go to Olga and Horst. For the fact that they invited us, they treated us as dear guests, they devoted a lot of time and attention to us. Thank you all once again! It is only because of you and your entire team that we have managed to come for the treatment at this very difficult time.
Isabella B.

We have received the words of gratitude and joy from Isayan family for their help in purchasing a special training orthopedic bicycle. Thank you all for your support! Andrey cycles regularly and he really likes it.

Hello, Alina.
Today I received a parcel from Elena and Vladimir. What a joy we had, there is no limit to the happiness of children. I am very grateful to them for their help and letters of support. Everything is according to the list and everything fits. The kids were very happy with sweets and toys. Please convey our gratitude to them. As soon as I have the opportunity, I myself will write a letter of gratitude to them. Now, there is no way to buy an envelope with stamps, no matter how ashamed I am to write it, but it’s true. The kids now feel fine.

Thanks again for your kind hearts!
With deep respect, Natalia K.