Ali B.

Age: 8 y.o.
Residence: Vladikavkaz, Russia
Diagnosis: B-lymphoblastic lymphoma, second stage
Required: surgery in Israel
Funds to raise: EUR 260,000

Little Ali has been sick since 2015. The therapy lasted 2 years. There was a relapse a month after it ended,. In June 2018, a haploidentical bone marrow transplantation was performed, but then again a relapse occurred. The doctors from Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center told that nobody would be able to help the child in the territory of the Russian Federation. Parents have sent the documents to various foreign clinics, and the Shiba clinic in Israel agrees to accept Ali. The costs amount to EUR 260,000. The parents are asking for help – this is the last chance for their boy!

Ilya K.

Age: 4 y.o.
Residence: St. Petersburg, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, tetraparesis
Required: rehabilitation in Poland
Funds to raise: EUR 1,400
Ilya does not stand, he does not walk and hardly sits.
From the age of 10 months, since the diagnosis was established, the parents began to arrange the courses of physical therapy for the child, to bring him to the specialists. On a regular basis, Ilya underwent rehabilitation courses in leading centers of Russia, and also underwent several surgeries.
The result has became noticeable soon – the child has began to eat independently, he has mastered new movements. Despite the diagnosis and limited movements, Ilya is a cheerful boy. He is fully preserved intellectually. He seeks communication and playing games with other children, he dreams of a scooter. The mom supports him, her hero, and instills a confidence that he will succeed, he just needs to try hard!
But, in order not to lose the skills acquired, and advance further, the child needs continuous and proper rehabilitation. The family managed to find this for the child in the rehabilitation center Olinek, Poland. After a course in this clinic, Ilya could move the second leg, the muscles that had not worked before began to work. Now, there is hope that Ilya will be able to walk independently. The next rehabilitation course is scheduled for August and costs EUR 2,410. It remains to collect EUR 1,400.

Sophia M.

Age: 6 y.o.
Residence: Tbilisi, Georgia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Required: special medical treatment
Funds to raise: EUR 10,700

Sofia has suffered the oxygen starvation at birth. As a result, she has a big number of serious complications, she cannot swallow, keep her head, seat, and much more. We have helped this family two years ago to buy a device for pumping out the sputum, since the girl constantly suffers from pneumonia. In April of this year, a son was born in the family. The parents learned about the opportunity of a rare treatment with the stem cells extracted from the brother’s umbilical cord blood. At his birth, they manage to collect and preserve these cells. This treatment is practiced in Georgia since 2015. This is the only chance for little Sophia to make her life easier. The treatment costs about EUR 10,700.

Gordey Ya.

Age: 3 y.o.
Residence: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Diagnosis: tracheostomy
Required: surgery in Israel
Funds to raise: EUR 65,800

Gordey, one of twins, was born prematurely. He was immediately put on mechanical ventilation (ALV) due to unopened lungs and pneumonia. In the age of one month, he underwent a cardiac surgery to close the arterial duct. The trachea and ligaments of the child were damaged by the long-term intubation, so a tracheostomy – a tube through which he breathes – was installed in the age of 2.5 months. Because of this, Gordey has no voice, he has a difficulty to breath, he is very susceptible to diseases, since all the infections go directly to the lungs. Tracheostomy should be cleaned everyday, otherwise the child suffocates.
Gordey and his sister Zlata both have hearing disabilities. Gordey got a cochlear implant. It is difficult for a child to develop with hearing problems without voice.
A successful treatment of the respiratory tract has begun in Ichilov clinic, Israel. They remove a granuloma in the trachea. Now, yet another complicated reconstructive surgery (laryngotracheal plastic) is needed. After this, it will become possible to remove the tracheostomy. The costs of the surgery amount to EUR 65,800.

Varya Sh.

Age: 7 y.o.
Residence: Abakan, Russia
Diagnosis: retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye retina)
Required: Health check-up in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 1,000

VaryaSh The child has gone through many chemotherapies, removal of the eye, laser therapy, recidivism and remission. The parents are fighting for their daughter´s life and her remaining eye.
We regularly help Varvara to come to Germany for a medical control.
The girl has received a treatment at the University Hospital in Essen.
Now, once a year, she requires an examination at this clinic. The family pays for the medical procedures on its own, but asks for help with the costs of air tickets.
EUR 1,000 is required.