Alexey S.

Age: 2 y.o.
Residence: Odessa, Ukraine
Diagnosis: congenital malformations of the central nervous system , corpus callosum hypoplasia, bulbar syndrome, tetraparesis, рartial atrophy of the optic nerve , central amovrosis, lagophthalmos, bilateral ptosis, infant epileptic encephalopathy, mitochondrial dysfunction, congenital persistent herpes infection, left pyeloctasia, hypoxia, ischemia, problems with the cervical spine, brain edema
Required: diagnostics in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 3,000

The child was put on artificial respiration. For these two years, the parents have been treating the baby, have been rehabilitating him, and bring him to the doctors for diagnositics. In Ukraine, a child with such a set of diseases and problems cannot be helped. The primary task is to stop the epileptic seizures. It is necessary to examine the child and to find the right treatment. They are ready to do this in the epileptic center in Bonn, Germany. The bill amounts to EUR 3,000.

Tatyana S.

Age: 35 y.o.
Residence: Moscow region
Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness since the age of 6 years
Required: diagnostics in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 3,000

Tatiana followed Germanic studies and studied philology, gold embroidery, theology and pedagogy in three Russian universities. For about 20 years she has been teaching gold embroidery and church sewing in various parishes in Russia, as well as in Germany. In 1991, for the first time in Russia, she got an advanced implant set by a German professor Ernst Lenhardt. Yet a recent observation in Germany revealed that already for a long time the implant should be replaced. This is still impossible to do in Russia. The reimplantation surgery in Germany is required, the cost of which is EUR 40,000.

Nicolay B.

Age: 6 y. o.
Residence: St. Petersburg, Russia
Diagnosis: pulmonary fibrosis, retinopathy, maldsorption syndrome, celiac disease, bleeding disorder
Required: diagnostics in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 32,500

Nicolay, along with his twin brother, was born a way before the due date – at the 27th week of pregnancy. Both brothers are disabled from birth. Yet Nicolay was the least fortunate. On the second month of his life, he was diagnosed with the retinopathy of prematurity. The child underwent 4 eye surgeries with a period of 1-2 months, but but they were not able to save his vision. Later, the oxygen deficiency began to develop and grew into the pulmonary fibrosis. Now he requires a constant oxygen ventilation. At the background of this disease, the child developed hypotrophy (he refuses to eat). At the age of 6, the child weighs 11 kg with the lenght of 94 cm. He is fed through a gastrostoma. Due to the low immunity, the child gets to intensive care at any slightest SARS. Every year Nicolay undergoes all the necessary observations and treatments, but his condition worsens, and the doctors in Russia cannot help him. The doctors from the St. Augustine Clinic in Germany suggest that it is possible to improve his condition by precise dosing of medecine.
For this, the clinic sets a bill of EUR 32,500.

Maxim B.

The collection is over. Thank you!

Age: 12 y.o.
Residence: Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
Diagnosis: ocular rhabdomyosarcoma
Required: treatment in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 27,000

In July, Maxim was removed a tumor in the eye orbit, and after the surgery he was diagnosed with the ocular sarcoma. A course of radiotherapy was performed. Now Maxim is in Germany at the Helios clinic in Krefeld. He is undergoing the first course of chemotherapy. The preliminary cost of treatment is EUR 100,000. Owing to kind people and charity funds, we have already collected most of this amount. It remains to raise another EUR 27,000.

Denis K.

Age: 14 y.o.
Residence: Voronezh, Russia
Diagnosis: ICP, tetraparesis, anorexia, epilepsy outside of relapse
Required: special medical equipment
Funds to raise: EUR 1,000

His mum, who is the sole parent and recently went through an oncologic illness herself, brought Denis to a Germany for a diagnosis and another rehabilitation. The boy is growing, is learning to walk and makes good progress. The equipment that supports him – orthotics – were funded by the Russian fund ‘Help to save a life’. The orthotics require special shoes. They cost 613,80€ for two pairs.