Svyatoslav Zh.

Age: 10 y. o.
Residence: Vladimir, Russia
Diagnosis: congenital brain defect, spastic hemiplegia, scoliosis, epilepsy, blindness
Needs: rehalibiltation in Russia
Funds to raise: EUR 10,100

Svyatoslav was born on time, but within a month he was admitted to an intensive care unit with a stroke. After the stroke, the boy began to have epileptic seizures. The parents had done everything possible, they have strictly followed the doctors’ recommendations. However, the drugs did not help, and the doctors no longer knew what to do. Svyatoslav was examined in Switzerland, where the previous diagnosis was refuted and a new one was made.
In January 2019, in Moscow, Svyatoslav underwent a 10-hour brain surgery to dissect the corpus callosum and cerebral hemisphere to relieve seizures. After the surgery, the boy laid in a coma for 2 days. He and his mother had to move from one hospital to another several times. The child’s eyes did not open, pus appeared in the ears, the brain swelling and sepsis began. The doctors had resected the suture, cleaned the soft tissue of the brain, removed ligature fistulas, and treated the swelling and sepsis. There was another operation in a month: a shunt was installed. During the recovery, it appeared that Svyatoslav became blind. When the child realized that he could no longer see anything, he had a nervous breakdown. However, owing to continuous rehabilitation activities, the boy grew stronger, learned to walk holding someone’s hand. Now he learns to speak, and attends a school for the blind and visually impaired.
In September, Svyatoslav underwent another operation – fasciotomy of the left arm and left leg. Now it is very important to undergo a recovery program at the Adeli rehabilitation centre in Penza, Russia. Without the course for general rehabilitation and restoration of the functions of the operated incapacitated arm, there would be a big setback in his development. This is because Svyatoslav perceives information only by hearing and touch. Also, he needs to use both hands to learn Braille. The specialists of the centre would do everything possible to ensure that the child keeps a connection with the world and has the opportunity to learn and develop.
The course should take a year, and the cost runs up EUR 10,100. The financial resources of the mother have already been depleted. She needs help.

Alena S.

Age: 15 y. o.
Residence: Kaluga, Russia
Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Needs: treatment in Turkey
Funds to raise: EUR 80,000

Alena has been struggling with a serious illness since the age of 13. Until September 2021, Alena grew up as a healthy, active, cheerful, active, inquisitive child. She even rarely caught a cold. In September 2021, Alena started to complain of weakness, fatigue, and lethargy. A week later, the diagnosis came out of the blue. A very large damage to the bone marrow by blast cells was revealed: 86%. At the Dima Rogachev hospital in Moscow, she completed a full course of chemotherapy and went into remission already on the 14th day after the start of treatment. However, just two days before discharge from the hospital, a sudden and very rapid relapse has occurred bringing severe debilitating pain.
A different treatment protocol was prescribed. In December 2022, Alena has received a bone marrow transplant from her older sister. Unfortunately, there were complications (sepsis, GVHD of the skin, hemorrhagic cystitis, liver disease, etc.). Alena passed this trial with honor and made every effort to go into remission. After 1.5 years of difficult treatment, the girl was allowed to go home.
She could stay home for only three months. A few days after Alena’s 15th birthday, she was hospitalized again at the Dima Rogachev hospital with an abscess at the injection site. The accumulated pus was removed surgically. A week after the operation, an extramedullary relapse was diagnosed in the same place: an extramedullary tumor in the soft tissues. She had to stay in the hospital for long-term therapy.
In December 2023, PET CT results revealed the appearance of a new tumor in a different location. After this examination, the doctor has rendered a verdict: there is no more treatment for Alyona in Russia. The mother continued to fight for her daughter and began to look for treatment options abroad. Professor Birol Bayton from the Turkish Emsey Clinic gave her a chance for recovery. Alena is already in the hospital at the first stage: the diagnostics. The family has paid for this step using the personal savings. Further treatment would costs about EUR 150,000. The family has no more funds. The doctor is positive, and Alena has great faith and is trying very hard to make sure that everything works out and she finally recovers.
From the letter of her mother: “Alena has many plans for the future – to graduate from a pedagogical university and made her own “comfortable” school of the future with a personal know-how approach, where the children would be comfortable and interested in learning. Alena wants to raise happy, confident, good people and thereby make this world a better place. Alena is already doing a lot: she draws and knits, and gives this to people. She has already given several lessons to elementary school children. She records podcasts with discourses presenting her understanding of the world. She reads a lot and thinks about “eternal” issues. She enjoys every day. We pledge you to respond and help to pay for the treatment of this wonderful, very good girl. I really need this girl, as a mother, and this world needs her as well.”
About EUR 80,000 remain to be collected for the complete treatment.