Artem A.

Age: 7 y.o.
Residence:Volgodonsk, Russia
Diagnosis: Organic damage to the central nervous system, hydrocephalus
Needs: Monthly subsistance
Funds to raise: EUR 200 per month

Artem was born prematurely. On the 3rd day of his life, he underwent an operation. At the age 10 months, Artem stopped turning over, the development was noticeably slowed down. There was again an operation, and then 2 years of treatment in a neurological clinic. At the age of 3, there was yet another operation. In total, Artem has survived 5 surgeries, a plenty of MRI and anesthesia. He requires a quality rehabilitation. For several years, the boy has been undergoing rehabilitation in the Taganrog Health Center and has achieved significant results. The mother of Artem brings up and treats the child alone, is constantly with him and cannot work. The family lives on the child’s benefits and mother’s childcare allowance. Everything that could be sold, the mother has sold already. In order to undergo rehabilitation regulary, and live rather than survive, the family needs a monthly support of 200 euros. We are looking for a sponsor who can provide such support for six months.

Vanya K.

Age: 2 y.o.
Residence:Lipetsk region, Russia
Diagnosis: Heart disease, circulatory failure
Needs: Paying the trip to the place of treatment
Funds to raise: EUR 900

Nothing foreshadowed problems until the age of 9 months. When Vanya began to crawl, he began to cough. The worried mother brought him to a doctor. The pediatrician has detected the heart murmurs and sent Vanya for an ultrasound endoscopy, where the doctors have diagnosed multiple heart defects. At the Bakulev cardio-center, a surgery has been made: the resection of aortic coartion and the ligation of the open arterial duct. The kid with his mother spent a lot of time in hospitals. Yet the parents are doing everything possible for recuperation and normal development of Vanya. At the moment, Vanya needs a mitral valve repair surgery. With this, it will not be required to change the valve upon the child growing. A professor from the Leipzig cardiology center can undertake this complex operation. The cost of the surgery is EUR 44,370. These funds have been collected with a great difficulty, and with the help of our volunteers. However, the family needs the funds for the trip to the place of the treatment. It will take about EUR 900.

Arina B.

The collection is over. Thank you!

Age: 7 y.o.
Residence:Ivanovo region, Russia
Diagnosis: Epilepsy
Needs: Medical examination in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 36,000
From the age of two months, Arina suffers from cramps. All kinds of treatments suggested by the doctors have been tried: 15 drugs, 2 courses of hormones. All that was to no avail. The leading Russian epileptologists have refused to help the child. An examination at Schön clinic in Vogtareuth, Germany has shown that a surgery is possible. However, a more accurate pre-surgical examination is necessary to accurately determine the epileptic lesion. The examination is very expensive, it costs EUR 48,115. However, the surgery is the only chance for Arina to get rid of the cramps that torture her every day!
It remains to collect about EUR 36,000.