Alisa P.

Age: 2 y. o.
Residence: Tula region, Russia
Diagnosis: bilateral retinoblastoma (retina cancer)
Needs:treatment in Switzerland
Funds to raise: EUR 41,600

When the girl was one year old, her parents noticed a strange glow in Alice’s right eye. The parents immediately went to the doctor, and there they heard the diagnosis – retinoblastoma in both eyes. The right eye was in a very poor condition, there was no chance to restore vision. To save their daughter’s eyes, the parents began to search for information about clinics and doctors with successful experience in treating such cases. Fortunately, the optic nerves were not affected, this meant that there was a chance to save the eyes and vision. Since November 2021, Alisa has been undergoing a treatment at a Swiss clinic in Lausanne. The treatment is long, but there are already positive results. Alice is a very sweet, gentle, but at the same time mischievous and cheerful girl. Despite the huge number of anesthesia shots and operations she has undergone, she is very smart and speaks well. Alice has been successfully treated for almost a year, and it is important to continue her treatment. At the moment, she sees only with her left eye, but the right eye has been saved as well. The parents are doing everything possible so that the baby can see this wonderful world, where there are many kind people, with her own eyes. The amount required: EUR 41,600.