Evgeny S.

Age: 8 y. o.
Residence: Kaliningrad region, Russia
Diagnosis: congenital heart disease
Needs:treatment in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 16,700

Only a half of Evgeny’s heart works. He has undergone 5 surgeries during the first few years of his life. One of them, the Fontan procedure, was carried out in Germany 4 years ago, and allowed the child to live and develop normally. Upon his return, Evgeny has been observed by a cardiologist. The child attended a kindergarten. Just over a year ago, the problems reappeared: low oxygen saturation, edema, increased insufficiency in one of the heart valves. The child has been examined, but the cause of the deterioration has not been determined. A deeper examination is required. The German Cardiology Center, where Evgeny underwent the surgery, invites him to come over for this. The examination and subsequent treatments are vital for Evgeny right now. They have to collect EUR 16,700.

Timur Z.

Age: 8 y. o.
Residence: Grodno region, Belarus
Diagnosis: spinal muscular atrophy type 1 (SMA)
Needs:a stroller and a bed
Funds to raise: EUR 12,500

The disease does not permit Timur to breathe and move on his own. He breathes with the help of a ventilator and spends most of the time in bed. Timur loves to watch the educational programs and cartoons, but, more than anything else, he loves walking outdoors. No wonder since this does not happen frequently: due to his illness, Timur may go outdoors only in the warm season. For fresh air strolls, the child needs a special stroller. Since Timur has grown up, his old stroller has begun to tip over and cannot support the weight and height of the boy. Since the disease destroys muscles, he needs special angulations and wheelchair supports. So not every stroller would suit Timur. They should make a special wheelchair “Hoggi” for him in Germany, where they put a ventilator, a suction tube, a pulse oximeter. This is not provided in the standard configuration of a stroller. The same story is with Timur’s bed: it became too small for him. However, the family is exhausted by the struggle for the health and maintenance of the son’s life and does not have the opportunity to buy the things he needs so much. They are asking for help. The cost of the stroller is approximately EUR 5,500, that of the bed is EUR 7,000.

Ilya K.

Age: 6 y. o.
Residence: Belarus
Diagnosis: spinal muscular atrophy type 1 (SMA)
Needs:cough assist and tracheostomy tubes
Funds to raise: EUR 7,000

Due to illness, Ilya cannot breathe, eat, move on his own. Ilya breathes with the help of a ventilator, he can’t even open his eyelids completely on his own. However, the boy’s intellectual ability is preserved. Ilya needs frequent cleaning of the respiratory tract from sputum and saliva, otherwise there is a high risk of developing pneumonia. Therefore, the boy needs a cough assist and tracheostomy tubes for the ventilator. Due to the trade sanctions imposed on Belarus, it is not possible to buy either in this country. If someone can help with the search and purchase of the tubes and a cough assist, please contact us immediately. From the financial side, EUR 6,000-7,000 is required.