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Dear Friends!

First of all, let me congratulate you! This November letter is marking our 30th month jubilee! That’s how long we know and support each other!

All this time we tried to do something for someone else! We filled the main deficit of our time – the deficit of love. When we help an ill child, we learn to love and to fill this world that we live in with love. At least the individually occupied hospital bed or individually occupied sterile box, tent, clinic! The individually occupied soul. Thank you for your devotion to the good and love!

Our new children:

Twin brothers Sasha and Pasha Sanjukevich, 5 y, (ICP) from Grodno, Belarus, need an assortment of medication from epilepsy, which leads all the attempts of rehabilitation into nothing, and a prompt rehabilitation. The mother is raising her three children herself. She has to literally put her sons up on their feet: Sasha and Pasha can’t walk and can’t even sit. As a result of a premature, artificially caused birth, they have a bunch of diagnoses each. But all of their problems are solvable – if there would be the right clinic and money.

The children are expected at the university clinic of Bonn and at the St Mauritius therapy clinic. The sum is 98 400 for both of the children.

Kostja Kovalev, 4 y (HIV) from Omsk, has lived all his life in an orphanage. The last few months he has spend in the Marfo-Mariinskaja residence in Moscow. His mother not only left him alone, but also with a horrible diagnosis and in the the orphanage that he lived in, due to the lack of the necessary treatment against HIV, the child has gotten a respiratory papillomatosis. In order to save the kid, who is breathing through a tracheostomy tube and is unable to speak anymore, it is necessary to start the treatment this month. For that, money is necessary. And he has no parents who would fight for his life. Therefore, we are his only hope! The clinic in Krefeld is ready to accept Kostja for 100 thousand euros.

Dasha Parhomenko, 7 y, (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis with eye lesion) from Omsk is losing her sight. But there is hope to save at least one eye. For an immediate operation in the university clinic of Aachen it is necessary to collect the remaining 5 thousand euros. This is a relatively small sum, in perspective of other bills. However, the deadline is very soon – the 15th of November.

Young lady Dasha Yulmetjeva, 18 years, (shunt dependant dropsy of the brain, brain edema) is in extremely critical condition. With every day, her chances of full healing are melting away. We are looking for a clinic and money for an operation and rehabilitation. The sum will be around 100 thousand euros.

Ukraine is going through a very difficult time at the moment. We are collecting warm clothes, stationary, hygiene products and medication, presents for children for Christmas. Our van will transport 20 tonnes to orphanages and homes for the disabled, clinics and refugee camps. We also accept financial help for the transportation of this humanitarian aid and to buy electricity generators for a specific care home for the disabled (due to the constant electricity shortage the children not only have no light, but also no heating and are freezing). Everyone who wants to help should contact either the coordinators of the Diakonia-groups in Germany (information is on the website), me, or Lena, who is in charge of this action, by the numbers 089-72649990 and 0177-2515039. God bless you!

Slowly, but surely, we are moving towards the Christmas season! It’s not only about Christmas trees, decorations and tangerines. For many volunteers and organisations it’s mainly the time for charity fairs and concerts.

Our Diakonia will have fairs in many cities in Germany.

On the 6-7 December our group in Munich is inviting everyone to the charity fair at the cathedral of the Holy Russian Martyrs and Confessors Saint Nikolai at the address: Lincolnstr. 58.

On the 7th of December, from 9 to 12, there will also be the traditional fair in Stuttgart, at the Church of Saint Nikolai, address: Seidenstr. 69.

We heartily invite you to support our children, spend some time with fun and purpose, surrounded by creative and caring people! You can look up our past and future events on our website.


Your Alina


Inf. Konstantin, Alexander, Pavel, Andrej, Nikita, Dionisij, Fjodor, Julianna, Elena, Elena, Elisabeth, Dmitrij, Anna.

Youth. Michael, Maxim, Maxim, Daniil, Lazarus, Artemij, Ilya, Sofia, Maria, Daria, Ariadna, Julianna, Natalia, Maria.

As well as their parents!




Dear friends,

We all have different reasons for why we help others. But the results are the same – more good and happiness exist! Thank you for your big heart and your consistency!

Our achievements:
Five thousand euros were transferred to the clinic “Charite” in Berlin for the treatment of Anechka Gubar, 6 years, from Poltava (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, complicated by kidney malfunction and sepsis). Anechka is going through a very tough and painful part of the treatment at the moment, with the support of her mother. We ask for your prayers for inf. Anna. vk.com/anngubar

Dennis Krasnikov, 11 years (ICP, spastic tetraparesis, epilepsy, two-way twists of the coxofemoral joints). In order to be able to walk autonomous again, the child needs immediate operations on the coxofemoral joints in the German clinic of town Aschau. A third of the sum has been collected. What is left is roughly 19,5 thousand euros. vk.com/club49561190

Artem Rehvalskij, 7 years (Ewing’s tumour) from Karaganda, has for a long time been unable to receive a proper diagnosis. German and Russian foundations have been contacted for this. It is still necessary to collect the relatively high sum of 180 thousand euros.
We continue to help Daniil Podolskih, 14 years (osteogenic sarcoma). The boy is being treaten in the clinic Schwabing in Munich.

We have received good news from the family of Bogdan Nutrihin, 3 years (medulloblastoma, brain cancer), whom we have already been supporting for a couple of months. It was possible to transport the child over to the clinic in Gottingen. The parents are very grateful to everyone who helped them in Russia and Germany. And we are happy that we now have a reliable and professional helper in Gottingen. vk.com/bogdansykt
Acknowledgements (continued!):

Thank you to all our new coworkers, who bravely took it upon themselves to communicate with clinics and foundations, thanks to which we can now take even more requests into consideration and help even more children!
Thank you to the community of Darmstadt, which donated (not for the first time!) to the needs of a specific child a sum of 3 thousand euros! This money will go towards the transport of Yana Labun, 5 years (heart disease), from Khakassia, to the clinic in Bonn, as well her expensive medication.

On Saturday, the 1st of November, at 13:30, a unique exhibition will open in Rotterdam under the address: Rotterdam Oostmaaslaan Podium O950. It is dedicated to what connects us.
In our rather uneasy time, artists from different nationalities, having arrived in Holland from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and other countries, decided to collaborate on a benevolent exhibition. Part of the income through selling the paintings will go towards ill children from the FSU, which our Diakonia is taking care of. The exhibition runs until the 8th of November.
You can read up about our past and future events on our Diakonia website: orthodiakonia.de

Your Alina

The prayer list for October:
Infants Andrew, Nikita, Dionisij, Fjodor, Julianna, Elena, Elena, Elisabeth, Dmitrij, Anna.
Youth Maxim, Maxim, Daniil, Lazarus, Artem, Ilya, Daria, Ariadna, Julianna, Sofia, Natalia, Maria.
And also – their parents!


Dear friends,

I congratulate you all with the beginning of the new school year and with the return to an active work routine! With new strength and inspiration, that we collected over the summer, let us help those who need us!

But first, a little account of what is happening:

Dasha Zavaruhina, 10 years (ICP, spastic tetraparesis at a heavy stage, secondary arterial hypertension, chronic kidney malfunction, chronic heart disease). In 2013, thanks to all of you, Dasha successfully received a complicated 9-hour operation to bring the right hip into place in a German clinic. Today the girl needs an immediate diagnosis and treatment of the kidney malfunction and heart disease. Dasha’s condition, unfortunately, doesn’t let her go for a treatment in the near future – the girl basically survives from reanimation to reanimation. We ask for your prayers and moral support for the mother!

Pasha Bobarykin, 1 year (chronic heart disease, pulmonary atresia) has managed to receive most of the sum from the German fund «Heart for children». This is a real chance for the child to get healthy again! 10 500 euros we collected, the child is arriving for the final stage of the operation in the clinic Askepios at the start of September.

Nastya Mikula, 3.5 years (neuroblastoma of the retroperitoneal space with bone marrow failure and jaw metastasis, 4th stage) has returned home after a successful treatment. The next arrival is planned for February 2015. Her mother greatly gives thanks to everyone who supported them in Würzburg.

Thank you for your help!

Our new children are:

Anechka Gubar, 6 years, from Poltava, Ukraine (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, complicated by kidney malfunction and sepsis). At the moment Anechka is in Berlin with her mum, in the clinic Charité. Her organism is reacting to the treatment with unforeseen difficulties. Reanimation, a prolonged stay in the in-patient department, operation- all of this has led to a substantially higher bill..the sum to be collected is 230 440 euros, what is left is 44 178 €. Deadline: 30 September. vk.com/anngubar

Dennis Krasnikov, 11 years (ICP, spastic tetraparesis, epilepsy, two-way twists of the coxofemoral joints). He needs immediate operations on the coxofemoral joints in the German clinic of town Aschau. German medics are sure that Dennis will be able to walk! But the time is ticking and the child has less and less chance to get back on his feet! Russian doctors don’t dare to help the child because of his neurological condition. Dennis lives with his mum and they are unable to pay for the expensive apparatuses that will enable him to walk again. The sum is 14 000 euros. odnoklassniki.ru/spasitedetstvokrasnikovdenis and vk.com/club49561190

Artem Rehvalskij, 7 years (Ewing’s tumour) from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, has for a long time been unable to receive a diagnosis. The treatment was held blindly. Only with the help of German doctors it was possible to determine what was wrong with him. Now he is awaited in the clinic in Stuttgart. A professor, the leading specialist of this illness in Germany, thinks that with the right and immediate treatment the chance for the child to live is quite high. But now the count is done in days! And the sum that is necessary for the treatment to start is above anything his family can provide: 200 thousand euros. We ask for you support!

Daniil Podolskih, 14 years. Diagnosis: osteogenic sarcoma of the left hip bone. The boy is receiving treatment in the clinic Schwabing in Munich. Daniil has received an operation. For the following 6 block of chemo therapy the clinic has set the bill for an extra 51.000 euros.

In the summer months there have been a number of successful charity concerts and markets. For example, on the 18th of July 2014, on one of such concerts in Darmstadt, 1600 euros were collected for ill children. In a concert in Stuttgart, which took place on the 14th of August, 720 euros were collected. The experience of the coordinators tells them that even one person (and even more so, a whole group) is able to organise an event like this in his town to help the children! Join them! If you need organisational, informational or any other kind of help – speak to us! We are always ready to support you! About our past and future events you can look up on our site: orthodiakonia.de


Your Alina


infants Andrew, Nikita, Dionisij, Feodor, Julianna, Elena, Elena, Elisabeth, Dimitri, Anna

youth Maxim, Daniil, Lazarus, Artemij, Ilia, Ariadna, Julianna, Sofia.

We ask for your prayer to the very ill Sofia and her mother Galina so that God strengthens and calms them on the way that lies in front of them. May God help them!


Last month’s report:

We didn’t manage to win the 1000 Euros in the internet voting competition that we were part of during July.
We are never the less thankful for everyone who voted for the Good Deed!

As a cheering up I’m happy to let you know about the work that our group of our diakonia community has done in the orthodox world youth event in San Francisco. All the contacts and deals to help ill children that we achieved in this important meeting will, I am sure, give fruit in the nearest future! For details you can check out our website: orthodiakonia.de

Quickly about the children we care:

Viktoria Vakatova, 5 years (major twists of the hip joint, progressive scoliosis) has completed treatment in Zurich and is now in rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone who helped the parents to quickly collect the sum for the operation (more than 3.5 million Roubles!) Your hands created a real miracle! http://vk.com/clubviktoriavakatova

The necessary sum for the treatment of Takhir Urunbaev, 11 years (heart disease, major lung hypertension) in the clinic Asklepios has been collected. However, due to the lost time and difficult situation of the child it is impossible to carry it through completely. At the moment Takhir is in re-animation. We ask for your prayers. http://vk.com/club67463117

Our children in July and August:

We continue to help Dasha Zavaruhija, 10 years (ICP severe spastic tetra paresis, secondary arterial hypertension, CKD, inherited heart disease). In November 2013, thanks to the support of all of you, Dasha has successfully gone through a 9 hour operation to put the right hip back into place. Today the girl immediately needs in a diagnosis and treatment of the CKD and heart disease. Dasha’s kidneys only work at 50% and the girl basically lives from reanimation to reanimation. In order to save the child it is necessary to immediately collect a minimum of 15 thousand Euros (the sum is being refined).

Pashenka Bobarykin, 1 year (inherited heart disease, pulmonary atresia) has undergone an operation in March this year in Germany, in the child clinic Asklepius. The German doctors restored the pulmonary artery, the operation went well. Now it is necessary to complete the final stage of the operation in order for the child to fully become well. 10.500 Euros are needed. The hospitalisation is scheduled for the 9th of September.

Nastya Mikula 3.5 years (neuroblastoma of the extraperitoneal space with bone marrow failure and metastasis of the jaw, 4th stage). The child has survived 6 blocks of chemotherapy, 1 block of high dosage chemo, an operation to remove the tumour (one kidney could not be saved), a transplantation of bone marrow, secured a remission. For a completion of the treatment it is necessary for the child to undergo a second MIBG therapy in Würzburg. The money for the treatment has been collected. But the family needs a place to live. If you have the possibility to find a cheap living space in Würzburg and to support them during the treatment, the parents and we would be very grateful!

Summer is the time of holidays and charity concerts!
On the 18th of July such a concert will take place in Darmstadt, Germany. All incomes will go towards our ill children. Come to support! Information is available on our website and under the number +49 6151 424 235.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful summer!
See you again in September!

Stay well and keep yourself and your close ones safe!
And of course:


Your Alina


Dear friends!
Thank you for your support! Last month we managed to achieve a lot!

The medical ergocycle for Artem Kovalev, 6 years, who suffers from ICP, has been absolutely magically transported from Germany to Russia! It is fascinating how much love and energy a little metal machine can demand, how many people from various places it can connect!

Thank you to our helper Oksana from Munich, who found sponsors and connected us with them. Special thanks to the German company that paid for the purchase. Thank you to Anna from Karlsruhe, who gathered the information about the transportation. Thank you to the brave Katja from Holland, who took the ergocycle on the plane as her luggage. Thank you to Misha who delivered it to the airport through heavy traffic in the early morning. Thank you to Ivan and other lovely people from Moscow, who were ready to help with the baggage bonding (luckily it wasn’t necessary!). And, finally, thank you to Dima who picked it up in Moscow, overcoming many obstacles (I won’t even speak about Moscow’s traffic!), got them, got in contact with the inner transport manager and managed to transfer the magical ergocycle to the far-away village in Altai near Bijsk! The whole transportation cost about 200 euros and took about 10 days.
I am sure that with that amount of love and effort, the ergocycle will definitely help Artem to get back on his feet again and teach him to walk by himself!

Our children in May and June are:

Viktoria Vakatova, 5 years (major dislocation of the hip joints, progressive scoliosis) is in need of a range of urgent operations, which doctors in Russia are unable to do. To get to a clinic abroad all that is left to collect is 10 000 euros by the first of June!


Tahir Urunbaev, 11 years (cardiac anomaly, high lung hypertension) is unable to live a fulfilled life, go to school, walk by himself. To carry out the urgent heart operation it was necessary to collect around 40 thousand euros. The money has been collected! Soon Tahir is coming to the German clinic Asklepios with his mum. Thank you to everyone for the support! Group: http://vk.com/club67463117

Darina Tishkova, 2 years (ischemic-hypoxic injury of the central nervous system) is in need of an operation in the clinic of Bielefeld.
We managed to improve the situation of the little girl through a month in the reanimation centre and therefore win some time. The collection is continuing.

Thank you to all the volunteers in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and other cities in Germany, as well as England and Russia! Over the last month they helped almost 20 children. That is a colossal effort. We more and more need your help. With impatience we’re waiting for volunteers and translators! As well as photographers for our action “When I grow up!..”. You can offer your help through filling in a form on our website or by contacting me.

Another pledge to everyone who wants help children and take part in our work: Together with the community of Saint Barbara in Krefeld we are trying to get financial support for our diakonia work. The voting will continue until the 3rd of June. The first 250 organisations, who collect the most votes, will receive 1000 euros!
I ask you to vote for our project:

Your Alina


APRIL 2014

Dear friends!

Easter is a great holiday! A holiday to remember the day when death lost its power and people received hope. Every time we do something good, we take a step towards this hope. In April we can give hope to live and be happy throughout their childhood to children, who are waiting for our help!

Viktoria Vakatova, 5 years (major dislocation of hip joints, progressive scoliosis) is in need of a number of immediate operations, which need to be performed in Germany, because in Russia nobody can guarantee their success. In the next three months it is necessary to install magnet implants in the region of the spine to correct the scoliosis. The clinic “Helios” (Hamburg) is ready to accept the child. The sum is 91.000 euros, of which 81.500 still need to be collected. http://vk.com/clubviktoriavakatova

Tahir Urunbaev, 11 years (heart malfunction, high lung hypertension) is unable to live a fulfilling life, go to school, move about by himself – his heart is not coping, the body lacks oxygen. The child needs an immediate operation on his heart in the clinic “Asklepios” (Germany). The cost is 40.600 euros, 20 thousands will be paid by the German fond, 20.600 are needed. If the operation is not done in the next few months then it will be too late to save his own heart, he will have to get a transplant of a heart and lungs, which is not only much more expensive but also very unlikely…  http://vk.com/club67463117

We continue to help Maxim Baljuk, 11 years (neyroblastoma 4st, recidivism) who is in the clinic of Cologne.

Darina Tishkova, 2 years (hypoxic-ischemic central nervous system injury) needs to have an operation immediately, not in july, in Bielefeld, as originally planned. The child is not digesting food and is melting away. After a month stay in the rehabilitation station in her hometown Vladivostok her situation has become critical. Russian doctors don’t know what to do, they don’t give her a chance of recovery. Now, the most important thing is to get her to the German clinic. The mother is begging for help. The cost – 7 thousand euros.

Artem Shpica, 9 years (heavy form of ICP) has gone through a diagnosis. Thank you to the Munich group for the support! The results of the investigation give some hope to improve the situation of the child. The father is expressing a huge thank you to everyone who helped him to get this hope!

Marina Loskutova, 14 years (mesoblastic nephroma, metastases in the lungs and lower jaw) is situated in the Harley Street Clinic in London. Her organism is responding to the treatment and we are praying to God for her speedy recovery!

A baby from Moldova, Adelina Guzanu, 1 year (heart malfunction, lung insufficiency) is going to the Berlin clinic Deutsches Herzzentrum in mid April! Thank you to all of the people with a heart, who helped the lonely mother to collect 33 thousand euros in order to save her daughter! If anyone can help the family at place, please contact me, help is much needed.

Support is also much needed in Hamburg. The grandmother has brought over her grandson for a lengthy treatment, who suffered during a car accident. If anyone in Hamburg has the time and will to visit them and help to coordinate in the unusual situation, please call or email me!

Another announcement – the flyers with the information for the parents of ill children and the workers in German clinics are done. I am happy to send the needed amount of them to coordinators and single volunteers, as well as to anyone who is willing to share the information. Orders are awaited!


Your Alina


MARCH 2014

Dear friends!
I congratulate you all with the beginning of the Great Fast!

We continue to help Maxim Baljuk, 11 years, (neuroblastoma 4th st, recidivism) who is getting treatment in the clinic of Cologne. Help is needed from all aspects. The energy of the parents – physical as well as the mental- is at its limit. A new bill of 80 thousand euros has been issued. The family is in a miserable situation, the financial options are all used up. A thank you goes to the community of St. Panteleimon in Cologne, who support this and other families of arrived children in word and in deeds!

Darina Tishkova, 2 years (hypoxic-ischemic central nervous system injury) has returned home to Vladivostok. The doctors have done everything possible in her situation- carried through an operation, found the cause of the hemorrhage and have advised her on what medications to take. Now is a difficult moment – Darina is recovering from the operation. We ask for your prayers. In July she is again expected at the German clinic. Thank you to the community in Bielefeld for your help!

Artem Kovalev, 6 years (ICP) from Altay is preparing for his operation in a German clinic in May. The doctors are sure that after it he will be able to walk. To pay for the bill it is necessary to collect another 20 thousand euros.

The situation with the further treatment of Katja Grafova, 7 years (neurofibromatosis, coma) from Simferopol, who has been in a vegetative state for over a year, has worsened. German doctors were happy to come over to Ukraine to have a closer look in order to make a precise diagnostic, the other option was to transfer the child abroad with the help of a special air transport. Due to the recent situation in Krym it is impossible. Our colleagues in Ukraine will try to get to the family of the girl in the near future to hand over the money you donated for keeping the child alive and also to support them morally.

The money for the diagnostic of Artem Shpica, 9 years (heavy form of ICP) is collected and transferred to the clinic of Munich. At the end of March the boy and his dad are going for an inspection.

Our new girl is Marina Loskutova, 14 years (mesoblastic nephroma, metastases in the lungs and lower jaw).
Gymnastic of the olympic reserve, a member of the team of Krym is fighting for the main prize for a year now- her own life.
The first diagnose turned out to be faulty and the subsequent treatment worsened the situation. Marina was treated in Ukraine and Belarus. One of her kidneys has been removed, she has gone through many courses of chemotherapy, she survived a heart stop during an operation. But in January 2014 the medics stopped the treatment and suggested for the family to look for a clinic in Europe.
At the moment Marina is at the Harley Street Clinic in London, the one that our little boy Zahar Samburskij from our January list never made to.
This clinic is her last hope!
The price for Marina’s life is 100.000 pounds (around 121.000 euros). Most of the sum has been collected. It is necessary to transfer the rest of 36 thousand euros until the 15th of March. Otherwise the treatment will be stopped. I ask you all to give this beautiful and strong girl a possibility to take her only chance!

Apart from our financial support our kids also need a lot of other things! They need to be visited in hospitals, their documents translates, they need to be mentioned in newspapers, have discussions with foundations and clinic, help with filling in visa documents, they need transportation, they need all the little things a child wants and many more things. You can definitely find something you will be able to give and connect to our communal Good Deed on our site: orthodiakonia.de or through direct contact with me.

Everything is possible, regardless of income, place of residence, age and other limitations! For love and good there are no limits!


Your Alina




Thank you to all of you who supported us in January!
With joined forces we managed to achieve a lot.

The bill for the continuation of treatment for Maksim Baljuk, 11 years (neyroblastoma, 4th gr. recidivism) in the clinic of Cologne has been paid. A new one has been issued out. Help is still needed. A big thank you goes to our deaconry community, Father Alexander and Mother Elisabeth, who constantly support Maksim and other children who come to the clinic of Cologne for treatment! Due to their efforts and love the temporary home of dozens of children and their families has become more comfortable and homely and the everyday life in the hospital lighter and happier.

Dasha Zavaruhina has gone home after an operation and a short-term rehabilitation. In July she is again awaited at the clinic of Langen-Debstedt – this time to finally put the girl onto her feet and teach her to walk. From the letter of her mum: «The carried through operation has given us a colossal progress. The operation was performed by very skilled doctors. The clinic was excellent. The attitude of the doctors, nurses and even the personnel was of the highest standard. On the 2nd of February, a Sunday, the main doctor came to the hospital at 6 in the morning to say goodbye to his patient. That is what kind of doctors there are. Dasha came home a completely different person. Our life has divided itself into before and after the treatment…We received an invitation for the 20th of July for 45 days, the bill is 16378 euros. We will go through rehabilitation, and the prosthesis will be removed in March 2015». Thank you to all of the Bremerhaven community for the warm welcome and support!

The problem with the travel expenses of Darina Tishkova, 2 years (hypoxic-ischemic central nervous system injury) from Vladivostok has been resolved. In the middle of February Darina is flying over to Germany with her grandmother for further treatment and causation of the sudden exsanguination she is experiencing. Thank you goes to the community of Bielefield for the willingness to take them under their care.

Darina Berlin, 1.5 years (pulmonary hypertension) has received treatment in the clinic of Asklepios and the child has successfully returned home with her mother. Now she can breathe! Her mother expresses a huge gratitude towards our guardian angels from the community of Bonn, who were always around to help and support.

Korzhov, 5 months (congenital heart disorder), who we were all very worried about, has left the clinic of Asklepios as well. From Germany he flew over to the clinic in Novosibirsk, where he has gone through a successful transplant of stem cells. He is now ready to go home to Almaty. We only expect good news from him now. The parents are thanking everyone for the support, prayers and physical help. Obeisance to everyone who partook in the destiny of this little fighter for life! Extra thank goes to the church members of Cologne and Bonn, who supported Seraphim and his parents over the last couple of months in their very difficult situation that they had to perdure!


Dennis Sviridenko has successfully completed an operation in Stuttgart. Thank you to the people in the deaconry community of Stuttgart who found a flat for Dennis and his mum for after the operation!

A thank you goes to them for the loving and unconditional giving as well as the constant and real support to the many patients of the clinic of Olga, which are going through treatment.

Thank you also to the community of Munich, which established an effective cooperation with other volunteer groups and actively supports families that arrive at the clinic of Munich.

I will not get tired of thanking each and every one who is doing a Good Deed!

Even if our efforts don’t always lead to the result, that our hearts desire!

We were unable to save two of our children, David Benidze, 5 years (neyroblastoma, recidivism) and Zahar Samburskij, 4 years (sarcoma).
David had to return home from Stuttgart. The treatment turned out to be ineffective, the medicine powerless. The last days he spent with his family; mother, father and sister. Now that he is gone they are having a very difficult time! I ask you to support them with your prayers!


When the Russian doctors refused to treat Zahar Samburskij in December, his parents and volunteers actively looked for other clinics which would be ready to help the child. By the end of January there was an affirmative response received from the clinic in London. But no matter how hard we tried, the required sum was collecting slowly. We didn’t make it. The weak organism of the child gave way. He died a day before his flight to the clinic, from pneumonia. It hurts to write about this. But for everything there is Gods will! Thank you to everyone who took part in his life’s destiny! On the last video he was film on, recorded just a few days before he left, Zahar is playing with the Lego helicopter that we got him, his favourite toy in his last month of his little and important life… Please pray for his soul, for his mother and for us, sinners!


In February we continue to help children that I wrote about in January.

Thanks to the activeness of our friends we were able to find a sponsor who paid for the purchase of the special ergocycle for Artem Kovalev, a little boy from Altay. It will give his mother more time to look after the other two children she has, keep his muscles in tone and bring him closer to his dream.

Artem Kovalev, 6 years (ICP) dreams to walk and run like other boys. He has all the chances to do achieve this. But we need to carry through an operation and the followed rehabilitation as soon as possible. A bill has been issued by a German clinic, which is ready to help. The dream of Artem and his family costs 38 thousand euros.
Everyone who can help with the delivery of the bike from Germany to Russia please let me know.


Several clinics in Germany are considering the possibility and the perspectives of the treatment for Katja Grafova, 7 years (neurofibromatosis, coma) from Simferopol, who has been in a vegetative state for over a year. Until the age of 7 the girl was a normal, cheerful child and brought just joy to her parents. But then she became ill and needed an operation. Katja went through a successful operation of the installation of a shunt. However, during the installation of the shunt the doctors chose the wrong pressure, which eventually led to an extensive haemorrhaging of the brain and coma. At the moment, Katjusha is at home, where her mum, having a disability herself, looks after her. Monthly it costs around 200 euros to keep her alive. Her parents really need our help! They believe in a miracle and wait for their girl to wake up one day!

The appeal for help for Artem Shpica, 9 years (a bad case of ICP) is still in place. He can’t hold his head upright, sit or eat by himself; he can’t hold objects in his hands for long. Suggested rehabilitation courses in Russia have given no results so far. A serious investigation of the child and the development of further rehabilitation processes are needed. Artem is awaited in the clinic of Munich for a full-scale diagnostics. 12 thousand euros need to be raised. Artem is living with his dad who sacrifices all his time to get his son back on his feet.


All the money that we receive on our account we immediately use for the treatment of the children and the help for their families. The amount of people under our care is growing. With that the organisational expenses are growing as well. We need money to pay psychologist for the mothers of dying children, for the transport of very ill children, for translations, postal services, to put appeals in newspapers, to print flyers, to sustain the site and many more things. Things we can’t do without in our work. And even though we were able to previously pay it out of our own pocket, we don’t have enough resources to do that by ourselves anymore. I ask for your support! If you have the option to help us help, please send money with the description as “Kinderhilfe Hilfe” or “Donation to children, necessities”. When receiving this money we will know that we can use it not only for the treatment of the children but to also for the organisation of our help!

Thank you for your trust!
Thank you for your good deeds!


Keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

With love,
Your Alina


 January 2014

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everybody!

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to analyse the previous year and make plans for the coming one. Allow me to use some numbers.

My dear friends, in the year 2013 we helped 32 children. And that number doesn’t include those who have been independently assisted by local groups of the orthodox deaconry. The number of our coordinators and volunteers from Russia, Germany, England and other European countries has risen to over 100. Even though fund raising is not our main aim, with the help of 205 sponsors we have collected 26.000 euros, 2.350 pounds and 84.500 roubles last year. We have also attracted other funds and organisations to spare 20.000 euros. All the money was without exception used for the treatments as well as for life-supporting them and their families. Behind all these figures and facts stand real people and real good deeds. Thank you to every one of you for showing compassion, sharing love, time and money with those who need it!  Everyone who gave presents, brought home-made croquettes and soups into hospitals, read out books and played with cars, took on a trip to the zoo, showed stage play performances, drew pictures and wrote letters, sold his masterpieces as well as waffles and coffee at a fundraising fair, played and listened at a fundraising concert, filled in invitations and insurance papers, wrote to foundations and held the line, supported the parents and talked to the doctors, made the site and proof-read the letters…translated, transported, gave coordinates, picked up from the airport, lent a phone…everyone who thought about others. Brought sacred images, prosphoras and consecrated oil to the parents of the ill children. Everyone who prayed. We all did this together! Thank you for being there!

Last year taught us many things. 4 of our children left us despite all the efforts that the doctors and relatives put in. There is God’s will for everything. All the other treatments have had positive results. 6 of the children have completed the treatment or a stage of it. In difference from most foundations, our support is not single-timed, but constant. We continue to support most of our people. In the first month of the new year we also have some new names.

Our children for January 2014:

Baljuk Maksim, 11 years (Neyroblastoma 4st, recidivism). Under treatment for the third year. Went through treatment in Kiev. Had an operation in Moscow. Currently going through a treatment at the university clinic of Cologne. 4 chemo therapies done, 2 remaining, then a MIBG therapy, stem cells transplant, radiation treatment. The bill is 220 thousand euros. There are 6.200 euros left to collect.

Darina Tishkova, 2 years (hypoxic-ischemic central nervous system injury) from Vladivostok. The mother believes in her baby despite the prognosis of the doctors and does everything possible and impossible. As a result even to the doctors the development of the baby that survived a clinical death directly after birth, seems like a miracle! After the first course of treatment in the protestant clinic in Bielefeld Darina not only learned how to sit and crawl, but even how to walk and talk a little. Unfortunately, a suddenly opened exsanguination doesn’t allow her to develop any further and put her life under threat. Every day the child is fighting against the pain and fear. Any day could be her last one. The Russian doctors can’t find the source of the bleeding. Darina is expected at a German clinic in the middle of January for diagnostic and treatment. The bill is already paid for- collected from everyone who could spare something, all around the world. But they need an extra 2.000 euros for the journey. Apart from that there are volunteers needed in Bielefeld. The baby is coming over with her grandma, because her mother has to stay home with the new-born sister. Any help at place would be much appreciated.

The appeal for help for Artem Shpica, 9 years (a bad case of ICP) is still in place. He can’t hold his head upright, sit or eat by himself; he can’t hold objects in his hands for long. Suggested rehabilitation courses in Russia have given no results so far. A serious investigation of the child and the development of further rehabilitation processes are needed. The father, Valerij Shpica, is raising the child by himself. The mother left them when the child was 4 years old, when she gave up hope to put the child back on his feet. But the father believes in his son and tries everything to teach him anything. In the German clinic of Meerbush the doctors also believe that there is a way to improve the condition of the child. To start the treatment it is necessary to collect 42 thousand euros.

A heavy burden has fallen on the family of Katjusha Grafova, 7 years (neurofibromatosis, coma) from Simferopol. The girl is already over a year in the state of vigil coma. The parents of the child are disabled. Despite little wealth and disability they really wanted a child. God sent them a girl. Katjusha grew as a very curios and communicative child, went to nursery, prepared for school. But then two years there was a brain tumor discovered in her. She went through a successful operation of the installation of a shunt. Life went back to normal and the girl started to prepare for school. But one morning she just didn’t wake up…As it turned out later, during the installation of the shunt the doctors chose the wrong pressure, which eventually led to an extensive haemorrhaging of the brain. At the moment Katjusha is at home and doesn’t get any treatment for the main illness. We are intensively in search of a clinic that would take it upon them to help her. But while the search for an adequate treatment is going on, the life of the girl needs to be supported. Monthly it costs around 2000-2500 hryvnia (around 200 euros/ 150 pounds).The parents really need our help! They believe in a miracle and wait for their girl to wake up one day! Further information is available on her website: http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/katyushagrafova. You can also get to know the stories and documents of our children on our site, which has now started working thanks to our talented, multinational and friendly web-crew. The first version of the site is: www.orthodiakonia.de


sorting code: 40-20-44
account: 51786180;
HSBC Bank PLC 76
Hanover Street Edinburgh EH2 1EL

I ask you to please let me now through russgazeta@gmail.com that you have transferred money. That way we can help the children faster.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

With love,
Your Alina

I ask for your praying help in January

 For the health of:

 Serafim, Ariadna, Daria, Dimitrij, Daniil, Lasar, Maxim, Ekatherina, Ekatherina, Artemij, Artemij, Sofia, Angelina, David, Andrej, Daria, Iuliania, Emilia, Elena

 For the repose of:

Alexander, Viktor, Iulian, Iulia


Keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

With love,

 Your Alina