Charity concert of Yegor Yegorov

On Friday 13.12.2019, in Berlin, at the cultural centre Schwartzsche Villa, a charity concert of Yegor Yegorov has taken place. He performed works of Chopin for the audience of about a hundred. We have collected a sizeable sum for our care-receivers.
Many thanks to Yegor, the volonteers organizing the event, to all donators and attendees!

Pre-Christmas charity bazaar in Munich, 8-12-2019


The charity is not so much a material help as a spiritual support of one’s neighbor. The spiritual support, first of all, is a non-condemnation of one’s neighbor and respect for their human dignity.
Leo Tolstoy

We want to be better, we want to be cleaner, we want to be happier. When we are full of happiness, we share it with others with joy. But when a trouble knocks on our door, the manifestation of virtue and charity help us, with a pure heart, to cope with an uninvited guest.

And we also want to believe in miracles. In December, before Christmas, the whole time period is shrouded in the lights of light, hope and love. This time also includes the Navity Fast. We clean ourselves physically and mentally. We try to support our soul and the souls of other people, in word and deed.
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Cologne, November 2019

On November 24, in the parish hall at the church of St. Martyr Panteleimon in Cologne, we have held a charity concert “Children Help Children”. It was organized by the parents of the students of the Children’s Center at the church, to help sick children cared for by Diaconia “Good Deed”. And although the sum collected was not big, the benefits of the concert are enormous. The musicians of all ages learned mercy and enjoyed the opportunity to do good all together.
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Charity bazaar in Baden-Baden, 24-11-2019

On November 24, in Baden-Baden, on the territory of the church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, a charity bazaar was held for the sake of the care-receivers of the Russian Orthodox Diaconia “Good Deed”. After the Sunday Divine Liturgy, fresh hot pastries, pumpkin soup, pancakes, pies, sweets and hot drinks had been served to everyone. And on the shelves, the handmade products were waiting for the visitors: knitted socks and hats, handmade soap, lavender sachets, Christmas gift boots, exclusive print bags, women’s jewellery, cookies, honey, jam, books, rag dolls, handmade angel figures made by our parish children at Sunday school.
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Charity concert of Egor Egorov

Yesterday, 6-9-2019, in Hamburg, at Tschaikowsky hall, the charity concert of a virtuose pianist Egor Egorov has taken place.
There were about 120 attendees, a bit more than expected, but everybody could find a chair. It was interesting and inspiring, Egor has been ercored twice, the audience gave him a standing ovation.
We have collected the funds for DobroMore, a project of rehabilitation and training centre in Montenegro.
The people gathered expressed the interest in our organization, and the opportunities of volunteer work for “Good Deed”. Let us meet more often!

We thank heartily Egor Egorov, all donators, all who helped to hold the concert, and our partners-sponsors: Tschaikowsky hall in Hamburg and Radio Cosmo – Radio Po-Russki.