Nikita N.

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Age: 11 y. o.
Residence: Brest region, Belarus
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Needs: verticalizer
Funds to raise: € 1,500

Nikita’s family lives very modestly. The benefits they receive from the state do not suffice to purchase the rehabilitation means. Nikita needs a verticalizer. This is a device that helps the patient’s body to keep an upright position. This device is indispensable for children with cerebral palsy: they spend most time in a supine or sedentary position, which creates a danger to get renal or pulmonary failure, osteoporosis and bedsores.
To purchase a verticalizer, they need EUR 1500.

Elizaveta E.

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Age: 11 y. o. (baptized as Elizaveta)
Residence: Tomsk, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Needs: rehabilitation in Germany
Funds to raise: € 4,320

Elizaveta is a very sociable, open and cheerful girl. Her parents and grandmother are doing everything possible to ensure that the girl regularly exercises with the help of specialists. The exercises strengthen the muscles of her back and legs, so she can sit on her own. Several times Elizaveta underwent rehabilitation courses at the German clinic Tera Reha, some with the support of Diaconia.
Thanks to this, she finished with kindergarten and is now attending school. But the rehabilitation should take place regularly all the time the child grows. The parents have exhausted their own funds.
The next rehabilitation course costs EUR 4,320.

Ilya K.

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Age: 6 y. o.
Residence: Kazan, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, moderate spastic diplegia, dysarthria
Needs: examination in Germany
Funds to raise: € 2,838

Two years ago, we have already helped Ilya to pay for a rehabilitation. Owing to this, he moved forward in his achievements. From his birth, the child struggles with the consequences of a cerebral hemorrhage. Despite the pessimistic forecasts, in the age of one year Ilya has learned to keep his head up, and by the age of 6, due to his persistence and constant exercise, he was able to sit, stand, and walk a little with a walker. The mother is doing everything possible for his rehabilitation. Ilya shows a preserved intellect, he is a very sociable and cheerful boy. In December last year, he underwent an operation on his spinal cord, that relieved spasticity in his legs. But in order to achieve success and consolidate the result of the operation, the professional rehabilitation with specialists is necessary.
The family now requires help with paying for a rehabilitation course in October at a Polish center Olinek. EUR 2,838 is required.

Zakhar M.

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Age: 6 y. o. (baptized as Zakhary)
Residence: Voronezh region, Russia
Diagnosis: neuroblastoma
Needs: immunotherapy in Germany
Funds to raise: € 250,000

Zakhar’s treatment has been going on for almost 3 years. During this time, he underwent many anesthesia, a bone marrow transplantation, a chemotherapy and many surgeries. In Russia, the doctors have made everything possible.
Yet immunotherapy is needed now. Unfortunately, the required drug Dinutuximab beta is not registered in Russia. In Europe, this type of treatment is included in the basic medical
protocol and Zakhar has a chance to receive this treatment in a German clinic in Cologne. Yet the cost of this treatment is huge and simply unaffordable for the family: EUR 315,000.
The parents have raised a part of the sum. EUR 250,000 remains to be collected.

Spartak P.

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Age: 5 y. o. (baptized as Serapion)
Residence: Primorsky Territory, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic form, delayed psycho-motoric development
Needs: rehabilitation in Russia
Funds to raise: € 3,000

As a result of a very difficult and long delivery, a newborn baby has got brain hemorrhage. Spartak spent almost a month in intensive care, but was able to recover. However, deterioration began to appear at 3 months. After a planned vaccination high fever has aroused, and the baby stopped holding his head. Only in the age of 1.5, it was finally possible to make the diagnosis.
From a letter of Spartak’s mother:
We live in the small town of Partizansk together with his grandparents. Both are disabled. Grandmother struggles with oncological disease, has underwent 2 operations. Grandpa is also sick and also has had 2 operations. Spartak’s father has said that such a burden is too hard for him, and left the family when I was with the child being treated. We live on the retirement and childcare benefits. I cannot get a job, since Spartak requires care, and all the day I spend next to him. Unfortunately, there are no good clinics in the Primorsky Territory for special kids. And it is not known when they will be built here. Also, there are no special kindergartens nor schools. There are no rehabilitation specialists for exercise therapy. I’m just afraid for the future of my child and I want to scream for help to the whole world so that my little Spartak is able to stand on his feet.

The treatment at the Rodnik Children’s Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg has brought the concrete results: Spartak has begun to hold his head, to roll over, and hold his back. Yet for these achievements to persist, the regular rehabilitation courses in the center are required. The family does not have the means to pay the costs of rehabilitation. The cost of the closest course is € 3,000.