Anna A.

We have helped Anna to buy the plane tickets

Age: 10 y. o.
Residence: Novosibirsk, Russia
Diagnosis: congenital heart defect
Needs: funds to return home
Funds to raise: EUR 1,500

For 10 years, the girl has been regularly brought to Germany for treatment and consultations. At the end of October, Anya and her mother came for an open heart surgery. The doctors postponed treatment due to the condition of the blood vessels, but performed an important surgical correction on Anya’s cleft soft palate. However, the seam came apart and there was a through hole in the nose. This caused a lot of inconvenience: food and water constantly got into the nose, and inflammation became more frequent due to bacteria. The second operation has been made only in January. The mother and Anna stayed in Germany much longer than planned. They had to extend the visas and spend a lot of money on accommodation and food. Now that the doctors have allowed them to go home, they do not have enough money for the plane tickets.
They need EUR 1,500 for the trip to Novosibirsk.

Spartak P.

We have paid for another rehabilitation course. Feb 2024

Age: 8 y. o.
Residence: St. Petersburg, Russia
Diagnosis: spastic form of cerebral palsy, delayed psychomotor development
Needs: a rehabilitation course, new stroller
Funds to raise: EUR 3200

As a result of a very difficult and long birth labor, the child has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Spartak had spent almost a month in intensive care, but was able to recover. However, after a routine vaccination he began to show deterioration. Only at the age of 1.5 years was it finally possible to make a diagnosis.
After a rehabilitation at the Rodnik center, Spartak has begun to hold his head up, roll over, and hold his back. To ensure that the positive results do not disappear, regular rehabilitation courses at the center are required. For the next course, Spartak needs EUR 3,000. In addition, Spartak needs a new stroller, since the old one has fallen apart completely. The price of the stroller is EUR 3200.

Anna U.

We have helped to pay for the treatment. See the letter of Jan 2024

Age: 9 y. o.
Residence: Vladimir region, Russia
Diagnosis: binocular retinoblastoma (retinal cancer)
Needs: treatment in Switzerland
Funds to raise: EUR 45,000

Anna has a dangerous form of retinal cancer, that she has been fighting for several years. The girl went through many anesthesia and chemotherapy procedures, operations to restore vision and to prevent the spread of metastases. In 2018, a long-awaited remission came. But in October 2023 the disease had relapsed and the tumor began to grow rapidly again. The doctors in Moscow are inclined to remove the eyes. However, they can take her for a treatment at Jules Gonin hospital in Switzerland. All the funds available for the family have already been spent. EUR 45,000 more is needed.

Nikita S.

We have bought and sent the medicine. Jan/Feb 2024.

Age: 10 y. o.
Residence: Rostov region, Russia
Diagnosis: epilepsy
Needs:a medicine
Funds to raise: EUR 350 per course

Nikita has a severe uncurable form of epilepsy. He suffers from daily seizures. At an early age the boy could speak and walk, but has gradually lost these skills due to the illness. Now he only walks around wearing a helmet and holding somebody’s hand, because an attack could occur at any moment and he would fall. Nikita underwent a brain surgery to separate the hemispheres, but, unfortunately, this brought no improvement. In order to make the life easier for the child and his parents, Urbazon medicine is needed. The medicine can be purchased in Europe, but the family does not have the funds. They need EUR 350 euros for a medication course.

Veronika K.

We have helped Veronica with the purchase and delivery of orthopedic medical equipment (February 2024)

Age: 9 y. o.
Residence: Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Diagnosis: congenital scoliosis, funnel chest, flat feet
Needs:an orthopedic mattress
Funds to raise: EUR 200

The girl has a severe scoliosis, but, unfortunately, no treatment is provided except for supportive measures in the form of massage, swimming and wearing a corset. In addition, it is very important to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The situation in the family is difficult: the girl’s father is also sick, he cannot work and requires a constant treatment. The only breadwinner in the family is Veronica’s mother. So the funds lack, and there is no government support. To purchase the mattress, they need EUR 200.