Alexander R.

The collection is over. Thank you!

Age: 11 y.o.
Residence: Lviv region, Ukraine
Diagnosis: hyperoxaluria, renal failure
Required: medical equipment
Funds to raise: EUR 4,000
Little Sasha has a sister Lisa. We helped her in the past year and as well in the year before last with the kidney and liver transplant surgery, and then purchased the expensive medications requred for new organs to live in her body.
Sasha had the same illness as his sister … Sasha’s kidney had hardly worked, so he got a surgery in Minsk. Now, he requires a surgery on the second kidney, as well as a liver transplant, so not to lose these organs…
The mother’s salary only suffices for food and necessary medicines. The mother raises her beloved children alone.
For the previous and upcoming surgeries, the hospital bills for EUR 4,600.

Ilya S.

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Age: 3 y.o.
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Diagnosis: epileptic encephalopathy
Required: treatment in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 11,440

From the letter of his mother:
“Our son has diagnosed with a very rare disease and is observed in the clinic at Heidelberg University. We have repeatedly appealed to your organization for help and have received the tremendous help and support while in Germany: that with the translations, and financial one, and with picking us up at the airport. Thank you once again! However, at the moment we have to go to this clinic again. We got the bill. But we don’t have money to pay for it. ”
This family has already passed a difficult path. The parents have
already lost their eldest son. Now they are fighting for the younger Ilyusha. A huge number of surveys, and two trips to Germany are behind. There, they were finally able to establish a diagnosis. An extremely rare metabolic disorder was found. It is uncurable, but it is possible to
greatly alleviate the child condition, and give him an opportunity to live in joy and happiness. No time to wait.
They require EUR 11,440.

Daniil and Yaroslav S.

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Age: 17 y.o.
Residence: Lipetsk, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Required: surgery in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 46,000

From the letter of the mother of these great guys:
My twin boys require the surgery. Their hip joints are being destroyed. Daniil no longer gets out of the stroller. Boys howl at night from pain. Their feet ceased growing and developing. The boys are great at school. Yaroslav likes jurisprudence and linguistics, and Daniil dreams of becoming an IT engineer. In Russia, in the course of such surgeries, they commonly cut the nerves and apply the plaster from the armpits to the tips of the toes directly at the operation table, that remains for a year. As a result of this, children become forever immobilized. We were at the Charité clinic in Berlin for a consultation with a professor who said he could help us sothat the pain will stop and the legs begin to develop. When we returned home, we have received two bills from the clinic: EUR 22,962.00 each. This amount we can not collect. I can not get help from the charity funds. I’ve been fighting for this for a year now. I’m desperate. I can only cry and pray.

Sasha P.

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Age: 6 y.o.
Residence: Gatchina (Leningrad region), Russia
Diagnosis: brain tumor
Required: proton treatment in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 84,000

Sasha has already had two surgeries, each followed by a long and complicated recovery. In Russia, he was refused the treatment for the lack of protocols for treating the relapse of such tumors. They could only offer more surgeries and, eventually, palliative treatment.
Such protocols are there in Germany. Upon the recommendation for proton therapy by a professor from the Children’s Oncology Clinic in Essen, the Sasha’s family turned to the Essen Proton Center. The Proton Center has confirmed the need for this treatment, as less obtrusive and suitable for children, and billed them with € 84,000.

The large family has raised EUR 20,000, EUR 64,000 remains to be collected.

Danila K

The collection is over. Thank you!

Age: 10 y.o.
Residence: Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Required: rehabilitation in Hungary
Funds to raise: EUR 2,000

Danila was born prematurely, his lungs did not open, the first three days of his life he lived on ventilation, and suffered ischemia of the second degree. For 10 years, the parents have been fighting for the full life of their son. Danila underwent many surgeries and rehabilitation courses, that brought positive developments. Danila has learned to walk on his own from a support to a support, and take care of himself.
Children with cerebral palsy should get rehabilitation courses 3-4 times per year, but the family is not able to pay this expensive treatment. The family has two children, and the parents pay the mortgage and the loans taken for the treatment of their son.
In June, the child is expected for the rehabilitation at the Hungarian clinic Olinek.
It remains to collect about EUR 2,000.