Valeria U.

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Age: 3 y.o.
Diagnosis: medulloblastoma
Needs: Treatment in Israel
Funds to raise: EUR 66,000

Until the age of 2, Valeria was healthy and lived a normal life of child. Then the problems with coordination and walking became noticeable. The doctors have diagnosed Valeria with a progressive brain tumor. In November 2019, a complex tumor removal surgery was performed. After the operation, Valeria stopped walking, eating and keeping her head on her own.
Valeria was not given chemotherapy because the doctors in Russia do not think she can make it. However, the doctors in Israel give her good chances. They have examined Valeria in Ikhilov the clinic , prescribed 6 chemotherapy courses, as well as bone marrow cell harvesting and transplantation. The 2nd course of chemotherapy is ending, and Valeria has had a cell sampling. The bill amounts to $ 173,000. Valeria’s father works as a firefighter, the mother accompanies her daughter for treatments. The 5-year-old sister of Valeria is waiting them impatiently at home. They have to rise another EUR 66,000.

Vlad K.

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Age: 2 y.o.
Residence:Minsk, Belarus
Diagnosis: spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2
Needs: Sprinraza medicine
Funds to raise: EUR 500,000

The struggle for the life of this little blue-eyed boy has been going on since his birth. He was born weighing only 1380 grams: yet he survived. However, after some time, the parents have noticed that the baby began to lower his head, hardly can support himself on his hands and slowly turns over to his side. Vlad was diagnosed with SMA. Upon development of this disease without treatment and supportive therapy, a child loses walking skills, does not sit anymore, stops eating on his own, then stops breathing, and dies; whereby the intelligence is fully preserved. Now Vlad doesn’t walk, doesn’t sit on his own, hardly holds his head, and has breathing problems. The salvation is Spinrase medicine that is registered in the US and Europe, but not in Belarus. It would stop the development of the disease. The price of the medicine is enormous, EUR 500 000. However, this is the price of life.

Makar A.

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Age: 2 y.o.
Residence:Lugansk region, Ukraine
Diagnosis: not established
Needs: Diagnostics in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 15,400

Makar is now over 2 years old, yet he weighs only 7,300 grams. The boy suffers from abdominal pain, poor sleep, lack of appetite and indigestibility of food. Parents let him to undergo numerous examinations in Ukraine, but still nobody knows what is happening with the child and how to help him.
A Berlin clinic Charite is ready to help the boy. But the parents of Makar do not have the opportunity to pay the necessary amount: the farther works as a train driver on the railway, the mother is a nurse.
The costs of diagnostics and treatment amount to EUR 15,400.

Alexey H.

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Age: 14 y.o.
Residence:Golitsyno, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, epilepsy
Needs: Rehabilitation in Hungary
Funds to raise: EUR 2,500

Some of you know the story of Alexey and remember how we have helped him in 2018. At the age of one month, after a failed vaccination against hepatitis, the boy began to cramp. He was diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Parents do everything possible to rehabilitate and revalidate Alexey: he underwent various therapies, rehabilitation and massage courses, regular exercises at home. The rehabilitation in specialized centers helps him well, but it is very expensive. In the tight-knit family of Holkiny, there are 2 more children, and only the farther is employed.
At the moment, the child needs a rehabilitation course at the Olinek Center in Budapest. It costs EUR 2,500.

Safia G.

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Age: 5 y.o.
Residence:Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, symptomatic epilepsy, partial optic arthrophy
Needs: Rehabilitation in Spain
Funds to raise: EUR 5,000

Safia was born prematurely, and with complications. Only during the first month of her life, the baby had to go through a lot of troubles: intensive care, coma, mechanical ventilation, ischemia, pneumonia … At the age of 4 months, Safia began to have cramps and was diagnosed with epilepsy.
At the age of 5, the girl cannot walk, cannot speak, cannot eat on her own. Despite this, Safia is a kind, cheerful, diligent girl, a joy of her mother. Persistent exercises at home, massages, physiotherapy and rehabilitation courses gave the results: the girl holds her head, can longer lean on her hands while lying on her stomach, understands the addressed speech, loves music, children’s poems and nursery rhymes. To learn how to walk, Safia needs to undergo neurorehabilitation courses and let to find a proper anticonvulsant drug in the Spanish clinic “Nisa Virgen del Consuelo”. This costs EUR 7780. Her incredibly courageous and optimistic mother, Elsa, brings up the girl alone, since the farther left the family. With the aid of a support group, a part of this amount has already been raised. It remains to collect about EUR 5,000.