Alina K.

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Age: 7 y.o.
Residence:Krasnodar, Russia
Diagnosis: congenital heart disease (CHD), cerebral palsy (CP), bilateral deafness of 4th grade, choroid coloboma, partial optic nerve atrophy (PASN)
Needs: rehabilitation in Czech Republic
Funds to raise: EUR 6,000

Alina was born prematurely with a heart defect. She underwent a heart surgery at the 3rd day of her life . After the operation, there was a long and difficult postoperative period. The doctors did not dare to give any good predictions. But the strong girl Alina got it through, despite a bunch of diseases. She and her mother went a long way in finding a suitable rehabilitation program, doctors, teachers, physiotherapy and speech therapy specialists. And now the girl sits on her own, stands with a support, her muscles have strengthened. The next goal is to walk on her own. Yet this requires rehabilitation at Kameny center, Teplice (Czech Republic). Alina and her mother have already undergone rehabilitation in this center, which has given good results.
The mother brings up the girl alone, the bulk of her income goes to regular home classes for her daughter. Rehabilitation in Czech Republic costs 6,000 euros.

Alexander S.

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Age: 22 y.o.
Residence:Orel, Russia
Diagnosis: Hallerworden-Spatz disease, parkinsonism, tetraparesis, optic nerve atrophy
Needs:Rehabilitation in Russia
Funds to raise: EUR 1,225

Sasha’s health problems began have suddenly at the age of 11: deterioration in handwriting, gait, metabolism, speech. The doctors have diagnosed a rare and uncurable disease. For almost 8 years, the mother is fighting for Sasha’s health. There are developments of promising cure in Germany, but nobody knows how long it will take to test and introduce the medicine. To maintain Sasha in stable condition and the ability to stand on his own, the rehabilitation and medication are needed. The mother regularly brought Sasha to the swimming pool, to physical therapy, and art therapy. However, the pandemic situation made these classes impossible. There is a chance for Sasha to get to the rehabilitation center “Rodnik” in St. Petersburg. But for the mother and Sasha, who live on a disability pension, the cost of rehabilitation is too high.
They need 1 225 euros.

Artem K.

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Age: 23 y.o.
Residence:Tula region, Russia
Diagnosis: traumatic brain injury upon birth
Needs: Rehabilitation course
Funds to raise: EUR 6,416

From his first days, he undergoes constant treatment and rehabilitation. Five operations have been done. Earlier, Artem could not even sit on his own, neither hold anything in his hands. Now he walks with support over short distances. Recent rehabilitation at the Adelie Center in Slovakia gave remarkable results. He acquired many skills, but there is still lack of confidence and stress in his legs, that greatly interferes with the movements. Rehabilitation is needed every year in order not to lose these achievements.
Artem lives with his retired parents at the countryside. All their life, the parents have been trying to put their son on his feet, to help him survive in this world, which is not at all adapted for people like him. They find it increasingly difficult to care for their son. All these years the mother was by his side: in hospitals, in the rehabilitation centers, drove him to school for 11 years. Now Artem’s dream is to become a support for his parents.
Artem had to quit university due to financial hardships. But he writes poetry for a charity fund, and supports others.
The next rehabilitation course costs 6,416 euros.

Alexey A.

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Age: 5 y.o.
Residence:St. Petersburg, Russia
Diagnosis: neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland
Needs: treatment in Germany
Funds to raise: EUR 35,000

Since June 2019, he has been undergoing treatment at the University Hospital Cologne, Germany. The child was refused admission to treatment by medical organizations in Russia, so he had to fly to Germany. During the last year, Alexey underwent 6 courses of chemotherapy, including a high-dose one, a surgery to remove the tumor, and bone marrow transplantation. On the results of the treatment, the child has reached the remission without any signs of illness. In May this year, the main treatment was completed. The next stage – immunotherapy- has began . Alexey is already preparing for the second course of immunotherapy. In total, according to the protocol, he needs to undergo 5 such courses.
To date, yet EUR 35.000 is required to complete the treatment.

Family K.

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Age: 6, 8, and 13 y.o.
Residence:Rostov region, Russia
Diagnosis: medulloblastoma
Needs: Subsistence
Funds to raise: EUR 300 + EUR 200 per month

There are three children in the familly: Luka, 6 years old, bronchopulmonary diplegia; Vanya, 8 years old, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, optic nerve atrophy; Damir, 13 years old, asthma.
We have been helping this family for several years. However, now the mother and her three children are going through most difficult times. The father has left the family. The mother makes money by cleaning the common staircases in apartment blocks. She is not accepted for better jobs because of the little and sick children.
From the letter of the mother:
«Damir loves to draw and do computer science. Unfortunately, we do not have a good wired internet connection, I can’t afford this, as it comes close to my monthly income. And our old computer cannot connect to mobile internet.
Vanya and Luka dream of traveling to the parks. Previously, when I had a car (1982 Lada ), we drove with them to there: the nearest city is 55 km apart. But the car has outlived its age…
The boys dream of good toys and a bunk bed.
The situation is critical now. I can’t buy them the clothes since they grow quickly. All three are stripped: so terrible to write this. It is more or less fine with Vanya, at least he has a summer outfit and sandals. Luke and Damir wear what has been bought 3 years ago.
The mere nutrition is a problem. The children ask for milk or sweets, but I can’t afford this.

Since last summer, the mother also has health problems. She often faints. She says she only holds on prayers.
The mother and her three children need about 200 euros per month for subsistence. This includes utility bills and food. For a wired internet connection and a bunk bed, EUR 300 is required for once.