Nicolai M.

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Age: 6 y.o.
Residence: Dusseldorf, Germany
Diagnosis: autoimmune encephalitis
Required: special medical equipment
Funds to raise: EUR 8,300

Two years ago, Kolya underwent a bone marrow transplantation to cure a genetic efect of the immune system. The happiness of parents lasted 8 months: finally, the child seemed healthy. Yet then he got sick. The cheerful, active child has lost completely almost all functions: he stopped walking, sitting … Only now little by little Kolya begins to swallow… Parents are trying to restore all what is possible. They need special training equipment. However, their insurance does not cover the equipment, and a big family, where the father is also seriously ill for three years, is not to purchase them i. They require; a Galileo vibrating device, € 3.900, Kreta fixators, € 500, other equipment € 3.900. We will be grateful for your help.

Maria L.

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Age: 2,5 y.o.
Residence: Sumy region, Ukraine
Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Vest syndrome
Required: special medical equipment
Funds to raise: EUR 2,300

The girl was born before term, but in a good health. The trouble came on the 7th day of her life of the child. There was an accident in the intensive care unit, for this she has suffered an intracranial bleeding that resulted in meningitis, hydrocephalus, epilepsy …
The child cannot not empty herself, cannot hold his head, hardly swallows, cannot see, does not speak, practically cannot hear, neither reacts to toys …
It is very important for Maria to find proper anti-epileptic drugs, organize rehabilitation that would help the child to learn the necessary skills, and teach parents how to take care of their daughter. Ukrainian clinics refuse to treat the child.
Already for almost two years the parents have to diagnose and treat the child in commercial clinics, and buy expensive medications abroad, all that at their own expense. In the family where only the father has a job, there is another little child.

Maria is being treated in Germany, and was recently hospitalized in Potsdam clinics with urgency: she cannot breathe on her own. The clinics billed for the additional equipment required in her condition, a suction pump and an inhaler, the cost is € 2300.

Rodion N.

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Age: 4 years old
Residence: Lugansk region, Ukraine
Diagnosis: ICP
Required: Rehabilitation in Czechia
Funds to raise: EUR 2537

Beside the cerebral palsy, Rodion has a bunch of associated disorders: spastic tetraparesis, symptomatic epilepsy, damage of visual pathways, myopic astigmatism. During 3 incomplete years of his life Rodion has already gone through a lot: he has had 2 resuscitation, 2 bypass surgeries and almost non-stop rehabilitation. He already has the little victories and has achieved certain results.
As a result of rehabilitation, he made great progress: he got skills, the reflexes were activated, and severe epileptic seizures went away. It is necessary to keep and develop the skills and abilities that have already been acquired, and to open new opportunities in the development of the child.
We raise the funds for the next rehabilitation course in Teplitse, Czechia: € 2357

Artem A.

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Age: 5 y.o.
Residence: Rostov region, Russia
Diagnosis: intestinal obstruction, duodenum atresia, hydrocephalus, flat-valgus foot deformation
Required: rehabilitation
Funds to raise: EUR 200 p.m.

Since its birth, the child and his heroic mother are struggling alone with a whole bunch of diseases. In the age of a year and three months, the child underwent a surgery to remove the cyst in forehead. In the age of three, a surgery was performed on his left leg, and, in October 2015, on the right leg. For six months that he spent in plaster after the surgery, his legs and back are completely weakened, so the child learns to crawl again. He still can not walk.
After five surgeries, lots of MRT and narcosis rounds, the doctors advise for Temochka to take a good rehabilitation course . He is expected to attend a course in the “Zdorovye” health center, Taganrog.
His mother, who brings up him up without a farther, finds it is very difficult to find money once again to pay for rehabilitation, transportation, lodging, meals and so on.
From a letter from my mother: “… I am deep in debts, I have sold everything that can be sold … but we can not stop. We have achieved great results! Therefore, I ask you to provide a financial help for our small family. ” We are looking for someone who could support Tema and his mother for an extended time (3-6 months). The family needs about EUR 200 per month.