Veronika K.

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Age: 9 y. o.
Residence: Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Diagnosis: congenital scoliosis, funnel chest, flat feet
Needs:an orthopedic mattress
Funds to raise: EUR 200

The girl has a severe scoliosis, but, unfortunately, no treatment is provided except for supportive measures in the form of massage, swimming and wearing a corset. In addition, it is very important to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The situation in the family is difficult: the girl’s father is also sick, he cannot work and requires a constant treatment. The only breadwinner in the family is Veronica’s mother. So the funds lack, and there is no government support. To purchase the mattress, they need EUR 200.

Emilia O.

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Age: 5 y. o.
Residence: Minsk, Belarus
Diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma
Needs:a treatment in Germnay
Funds to raise: EUR 145,000

In the spring, Emilia’s leg began to hurt. The x-ray showed that a part of the bone is already not there. The girl was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. In Belarus, there is no experience in operating young children on this particular part of the leg: next to the heel, that has to support.
After starting chemotherapy, Emilia had to be resuscitated: the medicine in use did not work for her. The family is forced to buy the medicine in Europe, which is very expensive and difficult. The parents sent the documents to a clinic in Essen, Germany. There, they are ready to accept the girl for the treatment, but the costs are too much for the family – EUR 145,000.
Ewing’s sarcoma is one of the aggressive forms of cancer; the treatment should start as soon as possible. We ask for your help!

Stepan Zh.

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Age: 16 y. o.
Residence: Russia
Diagnosis: CHD, Ebstein’s anomaly, tricuspid valve insufficiency, paroxysmal flutter and atrial fibrillation
Needs:a surgery in USA
Funds to raise: EUR 7,500

Since the birth, Stepan has been diagnosed with a severe form of heart disease. The boy followed a difficult path of treatment and operations. When he was 7 years old, an American cardiac surgeon performed an operation to reconstruct the valve. The operation went great, and Stepan was able to live a full life. Stepan was absolutely healthy for 7 years. However, during the pandemic, the boy has got ill twice with a coronavirus infection, as a result of this he again began to have the problems with the heart rhythm. The medication failed to relieve the seizures, so an operation was performed. Unfortunately, it did not bring the desired result. The local doctors can only offer a medication treatment with strong heart drugs at the moment, that has strong side effects: worsening of the liver, worsening of the valve and an increase in heart failure. The family has turned again to an American professor of arrhythmology: Pedro Del Nido of Boston Children’s Hospital. He is ready to carry out the necessary operation of cryoablation, which cannot be done in Russia. With this operation, the boy would be able to return to the normal life. Stepan attends a mathematical school, this year he is taking exams: Russian, mathematics, physics and chemistry. He is fond of chess and football, which he cannot go for now for health reasons. Stepan follows a difficult life path, but he never complains. He is a smart and kind boy, he dreams of becoming a heart surgeon to help sick children with congenital heart disease. The cost of the necessary procedure is $200,000. It remains to collect about EUR 7,500 for the operation and for the family’s accommodation during the treatment.

Miron A.

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Age: 11 m.o.
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Diagnosis: binocular retinoblastoma (retina cancer in both eyes)
Needs:a tretament in Switzerland
Funds to raise: EUR 60,500

Almost from the birth date, the baby has been diagnosed and treated. The parents have considered all possible way of dealing with this aggressive disease. They have found Jules Gonin ophthalmological clinic in Switzerland, where Professor Munir, a specialist in retinoblastoma, is practising. The clinic accepts Miron for the treatment. At the moment, Miron can see with the right eye, while in the left eye only the peripheral vision is preserved. Each eye will be treated locally: with laser, cryofreeze, and chemotherapy. The treatment must be continued, as well as the monitoring of the condition of both eyes for possible relapses. Only the father of the family is employed, and they are not able to pay the bills on their own. A part of the funds for Miron’s treatment is provided by a German charity fund. The family still needs to raise EUR 60,500.

Elizaveta T.

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Age: 3 y. o.
Residence: Mozyr, Belarus
Diagnosis: SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) type 2
Needs:a surgery in USA
Funds to raise: 1,650,500

A year ago, little Elizaveta was diagnosed with SMA. This is a disease when the muscles gradually break down, get atrophied. A child begins to lose the motor skills already acquired, and slowly, one after another, the body functions begin to fail. There is a way to stop this disease: an injection of the drug Zolgensma. It delivers to a body a working copy of the broken gene. This injection has to be done once in a lifetime, but it is necessary to do this until the child reaches the weight of 21 kg. The cost of this injection is huge: EUR 1,650,500.