Artem A.

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Age: 5 y.o.
Residence: Rostov region, Russia
Diagnosis: intestinal obstruction, duodenum atresia, hydrocephalus, flat-valgus foot deformation
Required: rehabilitation
Funds to raise: EUR 200 p.m.

Since its birth, the child and his heroic mother are struggling alone with a whole bunch of diseases. In the age of a year and three months, the child underwent a surgery to remove the cyst in forehead. In the age of three, a surgery was performed on his left leg, and, in October 2015, on the right leg. For six months that he spent in plaster after the surgery, his legs and back are completely weakened, so the child learns to crawl again. He still can not walk.
After five surgeries, lots of MRT and narcosis rounds, the doctors advise for Temochka to take a good rehabilitation course . He is expected to attend a course in the “Zdorovye” health center, Taganrog.
His mother, who brings up him up without a farther, finds it is very difficult to find money once again to pay for rehabilitation, transportation, lodging, meals and so on.
From a letter from my mother: “… I am deep in debts, I have sold everything that can be sold … but we can not stop. We have achieved great results! Therefore, I ask you to provide a financial help for our small family. ” We are looking for someone who could support Tema and his mother for an extended time (3-6 months). The family needs about EUR 200 per month.

Alexey Kh.

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Age: 11 y.o.
Residence:Golitsyno, Russia
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, epilepsy
Required: Rehabilitation course
Funds to raise: EUR 2,000

Many of you know the story of Alyosha and remember how we have helped him last year. At a month’s age, after an unsuccessful inoculation against hepatitis, the child began to have convulsions and was diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Parents do a lot to treat him. Therapies, treatment and rehabilitation courses are good, but they all are very expensive. After replanting the immune cells, Alexei is expected on April 28 for a rehabilitation course in the center “Olinek”, Budapest, strarting from April 28.
The course costs about EUR 2000.

Isabella B.

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Age: 7 y.o.
Residence: Ufa, Russia
Diagnosis: retinoblastoma
Required: MRT with narcosis
Funds to raise: EUR 2,000

The child is in treatment at the oncology department of Essen.
The operation has taken place, one eye has been removed, the other eye sees to 10%. Isabella and her mum have been going to Essen for a couple of years now for regular checkups. At the most recent one the doctors have confirmed the suspicions of the Russian doctors that there was a relapse and recommended an MRT with narcosis.
The cost is 1300€ and another 700€ for tickets.

Sofia M.

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Age: 5 y.o.
Residence: Georgia
Diagnosis: severe ICP
Required: Medical apparatus
Funds to raise: EUR 3,240

The girl, coming from a family of asylum seekers, is in rehabilitation at the clinic of Ratingen. Due to a oxygen starvation during birth, Sofia cannot swallow, hold her head, sit. The main problem is the constant lung infections, as the moisture accumulated by the body isn’t gotten rid of naturally. The only way to solve this problem is to get her a Galileo vibrio platte, which will do it for her.
The apparatus costs 3240 euros.