For a successful treatment it is crucial to orientate yourself in time.
What does it mean to get treatment in Europe? What to expect from a treatment abroad (TREATMENT IN EUROPE). What clinics should you apply for? (LIST OF CLINICS) How to get there, where and how to get financial aid and how to prepare yourself for travel (DOCUMENTS).
If you want to help others, it is important to assess your motives, resources and to get the right tools. More information can be found in the FOR VOLUNTEERS section.
To help others is beneficial! It becomes obvious when you look into the section FOR SPONSORS.
If you feel like you are running out of steam, your motivation is starting to lack and you are starting to doubt whether there will ever be enough money for everyone – have a look at our LIBRARY AND VIDEOTHEK. We share things here, that we feel are inspirational and beneficial for everyone, who is in any relation to the health of our children.