Дорогие друзья,

Dear friends,

In the last weeks, a lot of beautiful and joyful events have been happening. And it is important for us to notice this. The manifestations of mercy, wisdom and unity come all around us and, in the most decisive moments, remind us what means to be a human in these unprecedented times.

Over the whole planet, people are helping their neighbors, buy and prepare food for those in need. The volunteers and organizations feed free of charge the doctors fighting the pandemic at the forefront, bring groceries and free lunches to families who need help.
In some countries, the military hostilities are stopped to insure the food delivery to the poor. In some countries, the migrants and refugees are granted a residence permit, including access to free medical care and social benefits …
The volunteers of Diaconia, like all people, act as the changed conditions imply and accept the challenges of the time. Below are excerpts from the reports of the coordinators over the past months:

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APRIL 2020

Dear friends,
I hope that your mind is not totally absorbed by thoughts about pandemia, and there is a room to feel real life – and, if you wish so, you can feel how steadily you stand on a floor, either cold or warn, how a fresh wind or a warn sun ray touches your skin, what is a view from your window… To live in a moment, here and now, is very important for preserving harmony and keeping in good spirits. Also, for being able to help others in this difficult time. Help to those in hospitals, or orphaned, or under arrest, or diagnosed with grave illness, those who take care of an ill child… To all those in fear.
Now we are close to each other as never before. We can feel from inside the state, feelings and thoughts of our care-receivers, people who constantly fight a dangerous and grave disease.
It is important to remain human and support each other now.
We are in need of each other. Our prayers, time, money, spiritual and physical powers are needed. The Resurrection of Christ is close by!
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MARCH 2020

Dear friends, I congratulate you all on coming of spring – time of growth and inspiration!

In February, we have helped to pay:
a surgery at the Berlin cardiologic center for Anna Nikolaeva, 5 years old, St. Petersburg, diagnosis: atresia of the pulmonary artery type 3-4, tetralogy of Fallot;
a spinal surgery in a German clinic for Sergey Derkach, 28 years old, Ternopil region, Ukraine, retroperitoneal hemangiopericytoma with spread to the spinal canal;
purchase of a stroller and a rehabilitation course at the German TeraReha center for Lisa Ekimova, 8 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy, stroller, rehabilitation;
a block of chemotherapy for Ivan Boyko, 47 years old, Moscow, diagnosis: acinar prostate adenocarcinoma;
a debt to Heidelberg University Hospital for examination of Sasha Provotorov, 6 years old, Gatchina, Leningrad Region, brain tumor;
a monthly subsistence of the family of Artyom Agarkov, 7 years old, Volgodonsk, organic damage to the central nervous system, hydrocephalus.
Thank you for being with us!

In March, the following care-receivers are waiting for our help: Read more


Dear friends, thank you for your reliability and responsiveness. Owing to your support, we are helping to an increasing number of children!

In January, we have paid for a part of the medical examination for Fr. Vyacheslav Perevezentsev, Moscow, brain tumour, the rehabilitation course for Nikita Kucherenko, Ukraine, 18 years old, cerebral palsy, a verticalizer for Dmitry Tokarev, 11 years old, Vladivostok, cerebral palsy. We have found a sponsor for the family of Artem Agarkov.

In February, our help is awaited by:
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We have entered the New Year 2020 altogether! Thanks to all who was with us in the year past! Thank you for your readiness to help a neighbor, become a hope and support to somebody, make the world kinder!

With your efforts, in 2019 we have raised about EUR 95,000. With this money, the children
have been treated in hospitals, got medical equipment, medicines, flew on the planes, lived in apartments with their families during the treatment. And their parents were able to devote more time and energy to their children.
Money came from the organizations as well as the private donors.
Many thanks to those who transferred money on a regular basis. You are our reliable foundation and guarantee of efficient assistance to our care-receivers! A small but regular donation does a great job!
Special thanks to those who donated to sick children and adults the money received as a gift for their wedding or birthday. To remember the others in distress when you feel good and joyful is a rare and valuable human quality!
All the names provided by the donors for prayer support are included in our common monthly prayer list. The names are commemorated at prayers in all the churches and monasteries where this information letter is distributed.

For the whole year, with your help, we have supported 49 care-receivers, children and adults!
Partially, the bills have been paid by the German charity funds. We help the care-receivers to apply to these funds.
With the efforts of our volunteers, the funds have financed the treatment of 22 care-receivers, for EUR 360,000 in total.

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