APRIL 2019

Greetings to you all!
Dear friends, in March we have helped to pay:
rehabilitation at the clinic of Ratingen to Elizaveta Ekimova, 7 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy; an apartment for the family with a child from Macedonia; the medicines for Alexey Sebov, 2 years old, Odessa, epilepsy.

In April, we ask you to help to:
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MARCH 2019

Dear friends and helpers, let me congratulate you all with spring and Lent – time of concentration and purification. Let the good deeds do not lessen, but only multiply at this time!

Thank you for the support and work we did all together in February. We have found a sponsor for the family from Macedonia for 4 months, the problem is solved. We have managed to partially pay for the treatment of Anna Ionova, 13, Moscow, cerebral palsy. We continue to support all our care-receivers who need monthly payments for housing, insurance, medicines and other vital needs. We hope for your reliable and regular financial assistance.

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Greetings, dear friends!
We have done a great job in January!

We have paid: the rehabilitation of Nikita Kucherenko from Nikolaev, 18 years old, cerebral palsy; diagnostics and consultation with the best epilepsy specialist in Germany for Sebov Alexey from Odessa, 2 years old, infant epileptic encephalopathy, and for Bogdan Nutrikhin, 8 years old, Syktyvkar, epileptic seizures after an oncologic disease; the treatment at the University Hospital of Wiesbaden for Varvara Yatskova from Stavropol, 8 years old, cicatricial stenosis of the larynx; the treatment at the Ichilov clinic in Israel for Ivan Sidorenko from Lugansk region, 7 years old, Ewing sarcoma; as well as an apartment for the period of treatment in Berlin for the family of Lina Belyayeva, 10 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; and plane tickets from Abakan to Dusseldorf for the family of Yana Labun, 9 years old, heart disease, for whom it is vital to be regularly examined at the Asklepios clinic.
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Greetings, dear friends!
To put it shortly, in the festive and hurry-scurry month of December, we have helped to:
Nikita Kucherenko, 18 y.o., Nikolaev, cerebral palsy – we have paid for his rehabilitation in Ratingen; Sebov Alexey, 2 years, Odessa – we have paid for the diagnostics and prescription of treatment of epileptic seizures; family of Alina Belyaeva, 10 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia – we have paid for the housing in Berlin diring Alina’s treatment.
Thank you for making the New Year holidays the feast of kindness and humanity!
In January, the following children are waiting for our help: Read more


Greetings, dear friends!
Thank you for your support. In November, we have paid for:
the accommodation during the period of treatment for the family of Veronica Kurpas, 12 years old, Kiev, tuberculous osteitis;
the treatment of Bogdan Nutrikhin, 8 years old, Syktyvkar, epiphriscuses after the oncology;
the translation services for the treatment for Denis Krasnikov, 14, Voronezh, cerebral palsy;
the accommodation during the period of rehabilitation for Lisa Ekimova, 7 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy;
а special stroller for Dima Sergienko, 11 years old, Voronezh. cerebral palsy;
the debt to the clinic for the treatment of Masha Laputina, 2 year old, Sumy region, cerebral hemorrhage, shunting.

Here are the names of our care-receivers that we wish to help in this month before the New Year.
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