Orthodox Volunteer Day: photos

Divine Liturgy in the hospital church of St. Tsarevich Demetrius is celebrated by Vladyka Panteleimon (Shatov).


Opening. Greetings from fr Ilya Limberger.

The translation from Moscow. The refectory of the church of St. Tsarevich Demetrius. Vladyka Panteleimon, Fr. Iohann Zakharov, Fr.D. Igor Kulikov.


Talk by Alina Titova and the presentations.



The Orthodox Volunteer Day, 4-7-2020

Dear friends,
The Orthodox Volunteer Day, which was established in Russian Orthodox Diocese of Berlin and Germany to be celebrated every year on the first Saturday in July, will take place this year on July 4th. It was planned to be in Hamburg. Yet it is not possible in current circumstances, and the event will be held online. Presumably, the online meetings take most of the day, from 9:00 till 16:00. Everybody who wants to participate in a super-motivating and unique event of the international scale, to wants help us and our care-receivers – you are welcome to join! The preliminary program (in Russian) is HERE.

To participate in the Day events, a registration is required: please do this HERE.