Berlin, Charite hospital

Our volunteer Nina helps with the translation at the appointment with a pediatrician. After the appointment there was an opportunity to chat, answer the questions of the care-receivers and support with word, advice and simply the presence. Thank you, our volunteers.

Cologne, August

Our Cologne volunteers Maria, Xenia, and Swetlana pay visits the hostel for cancer-suffering children at Uniklinik Koeln, entertain and play with the children, talk to their parents.

Berlin, 28-8-2019

Our Berlin volunteer Maxim translates for Veronica Ermakova.

Cologne, 2-8-2019

Our volunteers Lia and Taisya visiting the care-receivers in University Clinics Cologne.

Berlin, 1-8-2019

Our Berlin volunteer Tatiana helps to Laputin family.