Greetings, dear friends!
Thank you for your continuing support.

In September, with your aid, we have helped:
to pay for the treatment of Anna Dikhanova, Ukraine, lymphoma,
to pay for the surgery for Nikita Donchuk, 12 years old, cerebral palsy, diskinetic form,
to purchase implants for Egor Zabolotny, 1 year, Kharkov, bilateral sensorineural deafness.

In October, the following children are waiting for our help: Read more:


Good day to you all!
Thank you for your persistent support and taking part in the fate of our care-receivers!
In August, we have helped with the purchase of a stroller for Dima Sergienko, 11 y. o., cerebral palsy, from New Usman, Russiam, have paid the medicine for Zakhar Tsaplin, 11 y. o., from Kyiv region, Ukraine, kidney transplantation (however, we are still looking for a sponsor who is ready to support the family for several months!), have paid for the treatment in Czechia for Rodion Nyhotin, 4 years, cerebral palsy , from Lugansk region, Ukraine, have helped with the payment of treatment in Israel to Daria Malyshko, 19 years old, sarcoma, from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our care-receivers in September: Read more

New video about Diakonia

This video (in Russian) is about our care-receiver Denis Krasnikov, and about the work of our Munich volunteers:

We are grateful to Vyacheslav Ruchin end Evgenya Badalova!


Thank you for your support!
I was very glad to see many of you on our regular Volunteer Day, which has been held with success in the beginning of July! Closer to September, all participants will receive the deciphered texts of the talks and other materials. Additional information, as well as the conditions for participation in the joint project of Diakonia and a Moscow charity organization “Miloserdie”: “White Flower”, that has been conceived on the Day of the Volunteer, will be posted on our website orthodikonia.de
I thank everyone who, despite the vacation season, summer heat and children holidays, did not leave the service, and helped his neighbor as much as possible.

In July, we have been raising funds for Kolya Matanov, 6 years old, autoimmune encephalitis. The required amount is collected! We have helped with finance and organization the families of Denis Krasnikov, 13 years old, cerebral palsy, Masha Laputina, 1.8 years, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, West syndrome, Sergei Rutsiev, 10 years old, clubfoot. Our volunteers also cared for a few dozen other care-receivers in various cities and countries.

Now the following people are waiting for our help:
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Photos Orthodox Volunteer Day

Here they are!