Dear friends!

Our successes throughout January:
A sponsor was found for the purchases of the medications for Rhodion Nihotin, 2 years 9 months old, city of Kerch, ICP, and for the cost of the operation of Vanya Kochnov, 4 y.o., ICP, from Donetsk. Money was found to purchase and ship the medications for the next 7 months for Valerij Davyskub, 16 y.o., genetic hypophosphatemic rickets, from Lugansk.
Thanks to your support we have been able to help with the funding of the treatment and living costs for Nina Taranets, 19 y.o, upcoming blindness, from Krasnodar region, Russia, Kostya Kovalev, 6 y.o.,AIDS, from Moscow, and Daniil Bocharov, 17 y.o., retroperitoneal neuroblastoma, from Kazan, Russia.
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Dear friends!

The holidays are over, life goes on, yet good deeds do not cease.

In December, while making boards between all events, family and social duties, we – with your help – have managed:
to pay the rehabilitation of Levon Avagzhenian, 2 y.o., cerebral palsy, in the “Rodnik” health center in St. Petersburg; to buy and bring to Elets a half-year supply of medicine for Artem Metsheryakov, 5 y.o., erythroderma; to pay the trip to the place of treatment for Varya Shelyagina, 4 y.o., heart disorder.
We thank all donators and especially the volunteers of Munich local group!
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Charity bazaar in Essen

On January 6-8, a charity bazaar has been held in Essen, in the church of the Saints Cosmas and Damian.
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Charity bazaar in Berlin

On Sunday December 11, 2016, the charity pre-Christmas Bazaar took place – for the second time already – on the premises of the church “Protection of the Mother of God”.
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Dr. Liza

Elizaveta Glinka – Dr. Liza, a well-known Russian humanitarian worker and charity activist, has perished in a plane crash on December 25, 2016. Her soul shall dwell with the blessed and her memory is from generation to generation. Memory eternal.

Some links:
Site of her organization (in Russian)
About her and the crash

“We are never sure we come back home alive, since a war is a hell on Earth”