MARCH 2023

Dear friends!
Thank you for your support.
We have helped to find the funds for the operation of Leya Tarasenko, 2 years old, Belarus, cancer in both eyes, and transferred money to Ukraine to buy generators for a retirement home in the Kyiv region.

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Dear friends!
The Great Lent, and the anniversary of the stupid and criminal war are approaching. I think that the most important deed at this time is to pray that the war ends as soon as possible, and people stop suffering. Thank you for remembering those who are having a hard time right now, remembering people in Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia – this list, unfortunately, may be continued, and remembering our care-receivers with sick children. Thank you for your support.

In January, we have helped Ivan Moskvichev, 5 years old, Russia, cerebral palsy, to pay for a planned rehabilitation at Olinek clinic in Poland.

In February, the following children ask for your help:
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Dear friends!
Thank you. Owing to your support, we have the strength to fight the darkness around, to fight for life – for every life. This is especially important now, when humanity is being trampled on, God is being forgotten, terrible tragedies are taking place in Ukraine, the war goes on and on. We must endure. The good must overcome.
In year 2022, we have helped 127 families with sick children. Read more


Dear friends!

The Christmas fairy tale has already begun for many, and for some we make it with our own hands! Thank you for your support!
Owing to you, we have helped last month to:
Danila Sirota, 18 years old, Ukraine, consequences of osteosarcoma, to pay off the debt in Germany;
Mark Vasiltsov, 2 years old, Belarus, bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of both eyes), to pay off a surgery in a Swiss clinics.

Our volunteers still treat sick children, search for medicines, medical equipment, housing, funds, negotiate with clinics, translate, meet, console, plant trees with the parents in memory of their departed children, extend visas, sort out the documents, send medicines and electric generators for those who need it, organize children’s holidays and hold charity fairs. They negotiate with Santa Claus so that their care-receivers get exactly the gifts they are dreaming of! You can also join our close-knit family. Right now it is so important for people to unite for the sake of good and for the sake of the future. And sprout them in yourself and around you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In December, we ask you to help to: Читать дальше


Dear friends!

Thank you for your help and your persistent support!
We continue to raise funds for those we wrote about in the last letter.
In October and November, your help is also expected by:

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