Dear friends, a wonderful event took place on October 15-20- the DobroMore Psychological Conference. Every October we hold such a multi-day meeting, where the participants are psychologists, volunteers and our care-receivers. The format is unique, and the effect is amazing. The theme of the conference 2023 was “The ways to help yourself and others with a psychological trauma.”
Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the war in Israel, the constant battle for health and life in families with seriously ill children – this educational conference became warm support and a breath of fresh air for all participants.
Here are some reviews:
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Dear friends, the past two months have been eventful. Thanks to everyone who have helped financially. With your help, we have closed the collections for:
Eva Chaplya, 4 years old, Belarus, cerebral palsy,
Fadey Smirnov, 7 years old, Belarus, cataract of the corneas of both eyes;
the family of Alexandra Sumets, 8 years old, Ukraine, Kharkov region, Cloves syndrome;
The Center for children with special needs in Grodno.

Thanks to everyone who have helped to organize our psychological conference for care-receivers and helping specialists, that starts in Montenegro in two weeks! We will be glad to meet those who come, and to get the support of those for whom it is important that there is a little more order, understanding, warmth and joy in our suffering world. Thank you for being with us!

In the next month, our help is awaited by:
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Dear friends, have a good and healthy summer!
Thanks to everyone who helps!
Last month, we have helped to pay the accommodation during the treatment for the Sherstoboev family, where two members, a son and a father, suffer from cancer.

This month, our help is awaited by:
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JULY 2023

Thanks to you all, dear friends, for your support!

In June, we have helped to pay for the treatment of Muhammad Kurbanov, 14 y.o, Dagestan, Russia, diagnosis: celebral palsy, scoliosis.
I wish peace, health and summer inspiration to us all!
In July, our help is awaited by:
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JUNE 2023

Now summer has come, it is time for holidays, rest and relaxation, time for yourself and your family. Take a good care of yourself. It is very important for us that everyone who helps is able to carry on with it! Moreover, as we all see, the evil does not rest: the explosion of the dam on the Russian-occupied territory of Ukraine is a confirmation of this. But there are also more manifestations of kindness and humanity coming around! And this gives hope.
Dear friends, thank you for your support. Last month, with your aid, we have helped to pay for the treatment of Svetlana M., Ukraine, oncology. We continue to support those who need it.

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