Dear friends, thank you for your help and participation! We are glad to give again the opportunity to all wishing to help the children in distress.

In the previous month, with your help, we were able to pay a year stay at the clinic for family of Dima Sherstobaev, 10 years old, oncology, and also get funding for treatment from the charity funds for Kirill Gorokhov, 3 y.o., VPS, Stepan Tyshkov, 10 y.o, a rare vessel pathology, Ruslan Varushin, 2 years, kidney cancer, Arina Goncharova, 5 y.o., kidney cancer, Svetlana Zakharyan, 3.5 y.o., oncology, Daniil Lihodeenko, 7 y.o., a complex CNS malfunction, for a total sum of about EUR 75,000.

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Dear friends, we are happy to give to everyone wishing again the opportunity to help children and adults in distress.
In the previous month, with your assistance, we have provided the help to:
Denis Krasnikov, 16 years old, cerebral palsy, Voronezh, and Danil Kukarkin, 11 years old, cerebral palsy, Bashkortostan.
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Dear friends, the summer has passed, congratulations with your return to working rhythm and stability.
This summer, with your help, we have managed to help:
to a single mother from Berlin, Vika, to buy a stroller for her baby,
to Ilya Krasilnikov, 4 years old, St. Petersburg, cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, to pay for the rehabilitation in a Polish clinic Olinek, to Elizaveta Ekimova, 7 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy, with pay for the rehabilitation in Ratingen clinic.
Thank you for being with us!

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Dear friends, this summer was hot not only because of the weather, but also because of intense support to our care-receivers. Thank you for being always close and ready to help! The heart warmth and the love with which our sponsors and volunteers approach every child or adult in need of help cannot be measured in degrees Celsius, but its influence on the world around us, on our bodies and souls cannot be overestimated!

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JUNE 2019

Dear friends, thank you for your support.

In May, with the funds raised а SWASH device was purchased for Denis Krasnikov, cerebral palsy, 16 years old, Voronezh, financial assistance was provided to the family of Sasha Provotorov, 6 years old, Gatchina (Leningrad Region), brain tumor, and to other families of
the care-receivers.

In May, we have received and are processing 25 new requests for help, this does not include the requests for assistance that came to our local groups. In addition to simple financial support, our care-receivers frequently ask for help in finding a clinic, solving complex legal issues, translating documents or conversations with a doctor, finding a rare or expensive at home equipment or a medicine, getting to the place of the treatment, finding accommodation, helping with a visa, arranging a feast for a child in a hospital on their birthday, they ask for an advice, a support, a talk, they ask to bring them to a priest. Our volunteers try to help everyone and do everything in our power. And so far they do an excellent job. Yet we will gladly appreciate your participation and support!
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