MARCH 2022

My dear ones… It was difficult for me to write anything in the first days of the war. The thoughts did not keep pace with emotions, the emotions did not keep pace with the actions. I did not know what to write to console anyone who was involved in this situation: our care-receivers and volunteers, our friends and relatives on both sides, our children … For our psyche, there is no difference if a terrible thing happens with us or with those far away. What matters for it is the feeling and experience at the present moment. To help yourself, you need to help others!
And we just have started to work.
During the fortnight of the war in Ukraine, we have helped to about 115 people to leave the war zone. We have sent several cars with humanitarian cargo for refugees at Polish border. We have supported them upon arrival to Germany and have found the housing for about 80 people. Mainly, we have helped the families with seriously ill and disabled children, the families with many children, and single elderly people.
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We train to live in paradise while helping others.
Dear friends, thank you for your participation in the circumstances of children and adults who need support now!
In January, we have helped to:
Marfa Knyazkova, 4 y. o., Tula, heart disease; Tamara Rastegaeva, 8 y. o., Donetsk region, brain tumor; Ilya Krasilnikov, 7 y. o., Kazan, cerebral palsy.

In February, your help is awaited by:
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Dear friends,
December-January is the brightest and most exciting time of the year, for both children and adults. It is the time of hopes and fulfillment of wishes. We have done a great job in the last month – we provided the gifts to a hundred of children, and fulfilled the wishes of 40 our little care-receivers and their families. The best reward for our efforts is the glow of joy in children’s eyes , and the words of gratitude from parents. And all this is due to you, our dear donors! Thank you for your support! The photo reports can be seen on our website and in our groups at Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.
In total, in 2021 Diakonia has helped to 112 care-receivers, the information about 50 of them has been published in the monthly letters. About EUR 220,000 have been transferred to the clinics for their treatment, and about EUR 167,000 were transferred to the clinics by German charity funds at our requests. This means that the operations have been performed, vital treatment received, lives have been saved, and important support has been provided to their families. Many thanks to all the donors and volunteers who have made this possible! I am sure that next year we can do together as much as we did.
The holiday time is over, yet the wonders keep happening throughout the year!
In January, your help is awaited by:
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Greetings, dear friends!

We have helped financially to Savva Balabanov, 12, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, Maxim Antonenko, 29, progressive squamous cell carcinoma, and Alina Kupriyanova, 9, congenital heart disease, cerebral palsy.
In addition to financial assistance, we are providing volunteer support to dozens of families every month.
Thank you, dear volunteers and sponsors, for your continued support!

Our “Christmas” care-receivers:
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Greetings, dear friends!
Thank you for your persisting support!
In October, we have financially supported Savva Balabanov, 12 y.o., hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and Maxim Antonenko, 29 y.o., progressive squamous cell carcinoma.
In November, our help is required by:
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