Christmas Fair in Stuttgart, 10-12-2017

The Stuttgart volunteers wrote:

Dear friends!
So, it’s time to report our traditional Christmas fair.
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Charity Fair in Munich, 3-12-2017

We held yet another traditional charity fair in Munich on December 3, 2017, on behalf of Diakonia “Good Deed”. Read more

Charity Fair, Berlin, 26-11-2017

On November 26, a charity and a family fair has been held at the Resurrection Cathedral in Berlin.
We offered handmade souvenirs, but also bold practical solutions for Chirstmas presents for people with modest means. Read more


Dear friends,
The winter cold sets in … All of us in these days need heartwarming support of each other.
Thank you for being with us!

In October:
– Owing to the seamless teamwork of our volunteers in Moscow and Munich, we have delivered the medicine to Artem Meshcheryakov,6 years old, ichthyosis, Moscow
– We have paid the surgery and medicine for Stepan Tishkov, 9 years old, CLOVES syndrome, Kharkov.
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Dear friends, I greet you all!
In the last month, we have helped:
to pay the medicine required for a successful kidney transplantation for, Zachar Tsaplin, 10 y.o, Kiyev region, Ukraine, chronic renal dysfunction.
to purchase supportive medicine for Lauma Maliko, 11 y.o., Latvia, sarcoma, that has been sent home by German medics.
Thank you to all helping!
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