September 2017

Dear friends, this summer is over, it is time to harvest.

In August, we have helped to:
Valentina Mikhailova,5 y.o, Rovno, Ukraine, papillomatosis – with purchasing medicine; Danila Likhodeenko, 5y.o., Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, ICP, epilepsy, spastic tetraparesis – with paying for diagnostics in a German hospital; Xeniya Sokolnikova, 11 y.o., Ekaterinburg, Russia, blood cancer – with paying for treatment in Israel; Nastya Dubogryzova2 y.o., Blagoveshchensk, Russia, cancer – with paying for medicine; Tatyana Ovsyannikova, 35 y.o., Borisov, Belarus, craniopharingioma – with paying for diagnostics and surgery in a Moscow hospital; a bigfamily Ermakovfrom Donetsk region – with moving to a new place.

Thank you for your reliable support!
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July-August 2017

Dear friends,
In July, we have sucsessfully held our regular annual event – the Orthodox Volunteer Day. More than 50 participants from 8 countries have attended the Day. There were representatives of local Diakonia groups from 30 cities of Germany, Scotland, and the Netherlands, and volunteer organizations and charity funds from Russia, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland and Moldova.
The report, photos, and useful stuff are to be found at our website.

Thank you, dear donators: with you, in addition to common volunteer activities, we have managed to help to:

Anastasia Dubogryzova, 2 years, Blagoveshchensk, who has been sent home by German medics .We have helped to pay the travel and medicine required.
We have given the funds for everyday care and for forthcoming treatment to Tatiana Ovsyannikova, 35 years old, form the Belarus city of Borisov, craniopharingioma. Thank you very much!

In August, we ask you to help to Bagin family from Kirov. Two years ago their first child died yet at early stage of pregnancy. During the second pregnancy, the forthcoming daughter of Yana and Igor has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida, incomplete closing of the bones protecting the spinal cord. The intrauterine surgery can not be performed owing to multiple complications.

However, the doctors of Zurich university hospital are ready to provide the necessary treatment immediately after the birth. The required funds amount to € 143,000

Warm hugs,
yours Alina Titova


For the health of:
infants Nadezhda, Tatyana, Michail, Savva, Alexandra,
children Natalya, Irina, Svetlana, Anastasia, Maxim, Maxim

For the health of our volunteers and for God’s help in their every good deed:
Irina, Elena, Alla, Vera, diakon Mikhail, Xenia, Veronica, Yuliania, Yulia, Akhaz, Maxim, Andrey, Elena, Anastasia; Xenia, Anton, Sergey, Alexandra, Maria, Fotinia, Tatiana, Olga, Anastasia, Irina, Maria; Angelina, Sergey, Alexandra, Galina, Yuli, Anton, Nicolai, Elena, Evgeniya, Elena, Marina, Marina, Margarita, Daniil; priest Alexy, priest Ilya, priest Nicolai, priest Alexandr, priest Victor, priest Evgeny.

Also remember to pray for their relatives!

Photos: Orthodox Volunteer Day 2017, Берлин

Conclusions of the Orthodox Volunteer Day 2017

I am glad to report that on June 30 – July 2 in Berlin the third Orthodox Volunteer Day has been held, on the day of commemoration of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco.
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JUNE 2017

Dear friends, happy summer to you! Summers are connected to our childhood, exploration, the sea, the feelings of joy and freedom. Let us then be joyful and free! And let us pass these feelings unto the people around us. Thank you for your help!

From the May records of our coordinators of local Diakonia groups:
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