Charity bazaar in Cologne

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From coordinator Maria Podurominskaya:

ВСЕМ-ВСЕМ-ВСЕМ, кто участвовал в Благотворительной Рождественской ярмарке 19-20 декабря, – СЕРДЕЧНАЯ БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ!!!
My warm thanks to everybody who took part in the charity bazaar on Dec. 19-20! Everything has been great! And the weather was fair and sunny – like the spring has come already 🙂 You all did everything to bring the feast to people. The visitors have got good impressions. Importantly, we have managed to collect significant funds for further help to our kids in need. So you can see how important and delighting is to work together for charity. Perhaps, the Diaconia can now pay the first course of treatment for Vlad S. Yesterday after the bazaar I visited him in the hospital. I have brought him from you some sweets and a ceramic bell. He had just finished a chemotherapy session and was exhausted. Yet after my stories about the bazaar he opened his eyes, smiled and said to convey to you:”Thank you, kind people! It is wonderful you are so many!”

December 2015

Dear friends!

And so we are approaching the most important time for benevolence: the pre-Christmas time. Even though we all know that all you need for helping others is an open heart and it opens at any time of the year!
Here are some of our November results:

  • Arsenij Nikita, 5 years, from Murmansk, was diagnosed with rhythm disturbance of the heart. His treatment was paid for and has been successfully accomplished. The child returned back home. His mother thanks everyone sincerely for their help!
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Time to help

Photos: Charity bazaar in Munich, 6.12.2015
Cristjm01mas and charity. Christmas and open-hearten kindness. These words have become almost synonymous ages ago. Have you ever wondered why? Why Dickens’ figure of a greedy old man, who does not want to show kindness even on Christmas, impresses so strongly as to make an English word for miserly person – scrooge?
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Letter of gratitude and request

Greetings to you, our friends far away – friends that are so close!

Our family is very grateful for your help and support. Our daughter Inna, the only and beloved child, suffers from her birth from cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, episyndrome. She cannot even sit by her own, she is cot case. She is already an adult, she is sixteen. Sometimes it is very difficult, it seems a dead end and we lose heart. Yet God does not leave us sending kind and hearten people ready to help in a bad moment. So has it came about
Inna_Harkov now. The volunteers Lena and Galya Chechik has helped us with a pleasant gift – they brought wheelchair that we have already used to transport Inna to the planned medical investigation, and many good and needed clothes for our daughter. We are grateful to Alina Titova, the head of Russian Orthodox Diakonia in Europe “Good Deed”, and for the wheelchair – the Harlaching clinics in Munich, its director Kai Trecker and employee Galina Volokhova. It is very important to find people that care about us, and provide support and help.

Thank you so much. With full respect and gratitude,

Natalya Zharko, mother of Inna

The family requires EUR 100 per month for medicine. We search sponsors that are ready to support Inna and her parents. We will be thankful for your response!

Seven sisters of mercy visiting Germany

Seven sisters of mercy from St. Dmitry school in Moscow have visited Germany from October 19 to 24. The visit took place in the framework of collaboration between the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry of Moscow Patriachate and our diakonia “Good deed”.

The guests from Russia have visited 4 clinics, 3 retirement homes, and a hostpital of Karl Leisner catholic society. All these installations are situated in small towns of Cleves region of North-West Germany. The sisters of mercy from Moscow had an opportunity to work together with local medical personnel and thus to learn the duties of German colleagues from inside. Both sides were satisfied with the exchange of experience that took place, and hope to continue the fruitful cooperation.

18 people were involved in this event and its preparation – those are Diakonia volunteers and our friends from 6 parishes: Dordmund, Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Cleves, Nijmegen and Amsterdam. We thank everybody who helped!

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