August 2015

Dear friends!

The holidays are over. We are now returning to our work, our usual worries and delights, with new vigour. The autumn days are shorter. Hurry to do good!

Our first news – on the 4th of July the first Day of the Orthodox Volunteer took place in Cologne, organised by Good Deed. Keep reading

June-July 2015

Dear friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long awaited holidays or just simply sunny days! We continue working!
Our news are as follows:
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Orthodox Volunteer Day 2015

Dear friends,

We would like to announce that First Orthodox Volunteer Day in Germany will be held in Cologne on July 4th. We organize it to tell about problems and opportunities of medical treatment abroad for children and adults, and assistance we can provide. We will recruit new volunteers and support those who are already involved with Good Deed Diakonia. We will exchange experience and strengthen our ties with allied volunteer organizations. We will spend together a wonderful and undoubtedly efficient day!
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May 2015

Dear friends!

We keep supporting the children that came to Germany for medical treatment. The reports from the “front line”, that is, from our local diakonia groups, tell that our voulonteer aid workers attend nearly 40 children.
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April 2015

Dear friends!
Christ is Risen!

I wish you a blessed Easter, the most joyful and genuine feast of the year. It is when the joy does not come from champagne and delicious food, lively hubbub and fun – it comes from purification and renewal of the soul. There is life and no death! There is energy for us to live forth and to do good.

In the end of March we have had a meeting of coordinators in Stuttgart where we have discussed our work and formulated new goals. A detailed report has been sent to all coordinators of local diaconia groups and special departments, and to all active aid workers. Please read it attentively and act accordingly.

Among the main achievements: we’ve planned Volunteer Aid Worker Day in Germany and have boosted the activities of two departments: work with hospitals and charity funds, technical assistance and design. We still need more well-motivated manpower for all three directions. Welcome to our synergistic and creative team! Call me up to offer your help!

In April we managed to secure financial help for 4 families in Ukraine. Keep reading