November 2016

Dear friends!
Our achievements in October:
We have transferred funds to Vladislav Konovalov, 3 y.o., Brovary town, aplastic anaemia, for mare bone transplant in an Italian hospital.
We have paid to Anna Ionova, 11 y.o., Moscow, ICP, for rehabilitation in a German hospital and for housing in Germany. We have paid to Ivan Kochnov, 4 y.o., Donetsk, ICP, for rehabilitation in Krasnodar, Russia.
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Dear friends!
This is what we achieved in the short month of September.
Andrey Dmitriev, 9 y.o. from Donetsk, spine wound, has completed a rehabilitation course at the Helios clinic and is now able to walk again for the first time since he was wounded. The family went home until the next surgery, scheduled for April, which will remove the metal implants. The Diakonia has paid for their tickets. I would like to thank the community of Berlin who have organized the departure of Andrey.
Diakonia has also partly paid for the rehabilitation of Gleb Kazakov, cerebral palsy, 5 y.o., in Russian center “Sakura”.
Thanks to you, dear friends, we were able to collect and transfer significant funds for the treatment of Sophia Dukasheva, 5. y.o., leukemia, who is waiting for the bone marrow transplantation in Wurzburg hospital. The parents of late Ilya Spinov, for whom we collected funds earlier on this summer, have donated EUR 5,000 for the treatment of Sophia. I would also like to thank the Regensburg group who raised funds for Sophia at the autumn charity bazaar.
We have donated funds for medicine to Volyn orphanage.
We have collected the funds for rehabilitation of Vanya Kochnov, 4 y.o., cerebral palsy, from Donetsk.

The autumn charity ball in Berlin, which was organized by our local group, turned out to be very successful. Around 800 euros have been raised. A part of the sum has been transferred to Aglaya Mysovskaya for a prolongation of her medical visa in Germany.

Our children for october:

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Charity ball in Berlin, 2-10-2016

A charity ball on behalf of Diankonia has been held in Berlin on October 2.
See the photos:
We have raised EUR 760 for Diakonia care-receivers.


Review of a gest:

The ball in Berlin, the ball of autumn!
It was so much to see!

One cannot find enough praising epithets for this ming-blowing event! I want to thank all gathered as well as everybody separately for a creation of such, I’m tempted to say, unearthy athmosphere! That has been a time jump! World-known compositions have been performed with flute and saxophone. What a terrific beginning it was: chello and J.S. Bach. Later, we have been whirled in eddies of gipsy spirit. And dancing, dancing, dancing till late into night.
A ball is a really special event, great of scale for any time. Yet his main component are us, those who have organized, brought through, and performed this event with a lot of positive emotions! I am flattered to be a part of it! Thanks to you and a deep bow – that we have learned at the ball in a folk Russian dance.

Irina Letaeva

Charity ball to support “Good Deed” , Stuttgart, 16-9-2016

00260003 Already for several years the organizations of Russian Orthodox Church in Germany organize a ball to commemorate the patron saints of marrige and family in Russian tradition, St. Petr and Feuronia of Murom.
All funds raised go to support of “Good deed” care-receivers, sick children from the countries of former Soviet Union that are being treated in Germany. On September 16, I have attended this ball in Stuttgart and liked it very much.
Not only the members of Stuttgart parishes were there: the volunteers of “Good Deed” from all over Germany have come – from Munich, Konstanz, Reutlingen and other cities. Some guests came in whole families, while others brought their friends to the event. Beside the volonteers that I knew well there were people who have never heard of “Good Deed” before. We all enjoyed the festive and cozy athmosphere of the event. The spiritual father of “Good Deed”, fr. Ilya Limberger, was present as well.
With him, we have sung the tropar to St. Petr and Feuronia, and fr. Ilya has opened the event with warm words of greeting and exhortation.


The hosts – young couple of Arseniy and Katherina Schareiko – have demonstrated to the guests how to dance the historic dances of the program. We have experienced a ceremonial polonaise, fast polka, graceful minuet, magical waltz, and finished with a cheerful wedding round-dance. We were thus given a unique opportunity to learn beautiful noblemanly dances as well as to meet those whom we did not know yet. Novelty of this year was a wish-game. Everybody wrote their own wish on a piece of paper, fixed it to a ballon, and we let the ballons go! This was solemn and beautiful. Furthermore, we played forfeits and just chatted. Children and youth from Stuttgart parishes performed songs about family life.


I wish to thank all organizers of the Ball: youth committee, young family club of St. Nicholais parish in Stuttgart, and, of course, fr. Ilya. Thanks so much for this opportunity to gather for the sake of “Good Deed”. A note to everybody who would love to attend but could not come: the next event of this sort will take place in Berlin, October 2nd.

Hurry to do good!

with love in Christ,
Varvara Klimova



Dear friends!

I congratulate you all with the conclusion of the holidays, the return to a paced working life and
hence – to the possibility of regularly and calmly doing good deeds!
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