Cologne, 9-1-2020: Christmas time at University Clinic

On January 9, Diakonia volunteers visited the University Clinics in Cologne, the hostel for families of cancer children. In addition to gifts, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden brought unexpected guests with them – the Wolf, who plays the guitar and sings, granny Solokha with an apple pie, and even a living Christmas Tree. The children and parents were not only spectators of a funny fairy tale performance, but also its participants. It was required to decorate the Christmas Tree with balls and garlands, which Snow Maiden brought on a sleigh. The Tree was so glad that she joined the common dance. Children and adults did round dances, played, sang. They forgot for a while about illness and suffering. Then there was a tea party with moths. We sang Christmas carols all together. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden also visited those who are in intensive care now and could not attend the common celebration.


We have entered the New Year 2020 altogether! Thanks to all who was with us in the year past! Thank you for your readiness to help a neighbor, become a hope and support to somebody, make the world kinder!

With your efforts, in 2019 we have raised about EUR 95,000. With this money, the children
have been treated in hospitals, got medical equipment, medicines, flew on the planes, lived in apartments with their families during the treatment. And their parents were able to devote more time and energy to their children.
Money came from the organizations as well as the private donors.
Many thanks to those who transferred money on a regular basis. You are our reliable foundation and guarantee of efficient assistance to our care-receivers! A small but regular donation does a great job!
Special thanks to those who donated to sick children and adults the money received as a gift for their wedding or birthday. To remember the others in distress when you feel good and joyful is a rare and valuable human quality!
All the names provided by the donors for prayer support are included in our common monthly prayer list. The names are commemorated at prayers in all the churches and monasteries where this information letter is distributed.

For the whole year, with your help, we have supported 49 care-receivers, children and adults!
Partially, the bills have been paid by the German charity funds. We help the care-receivers to apply to these funds.
With the efforts of our volunteers, the funds have financed the treatment of 22 care-receivers, for EUR 360,000 in total.

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Dear friends, helpers, coordinators and volunteers!

Best wishes for New Year 2020 and upcoming Christmas!
Thank you for going through 2019 together! For you being a contribution to our care-receivers, to each other, to yourself!
Thnak you, friends. You are my family. My heart and doors are always open for you!
While I reckon that kindness and will to help other is a natural state of any normal person, I am sure you are unique and uncommon!
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Volunteers of Munich congratulate children with New Year and upcoming Christmas

There is a marvelous place at cardiocentre in Lasarettstrasse, Muhich. Once you come there, you want to come back again and again. Whenever you come to this “tiny house” – this is how we call the Ronald McDonald hostel over there – you find a table set, and people that are merry and smiling whatever difficult it is, whatever troubles have came.
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Charity bazaar in Stuttgart, 15-12-2019

Dear brothers and sisters!
An another wonderful bazaar is over! We are glad to report that it was a big sucsses. With huge grattitude to you, our parish folk, to all who support us, and with light sorrow we let this event pass.

This bazaar has happened to be special, we have collected a record amount. This is our joint merit!

Most of the funds collected, as usual, have been transferred to Diakonia “Good Deed” that supports children who come to Germany for a treatment. In addition, we will send a part to Fr Samuil to Moldova, Fr Mikhail to an orthodox parish in Lugansk, and also to Fr Alexander (parish of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Moscow) for a surgery of baby Alesha.
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