We have received the words of gratitude and joy from Isayan family for their help in purchasing a special training orthopedic bicycle. Thank you all for your support! Andrey cycles regularly and he really likes it.

Hello, Alina.
Today I received a parcel from Elena and Vladimir. What a joy we had, there is no limit to the happiness of children. I am very grateful to them for their help and letters of support. Everything is according to the list and everything fits. The kids were very happy with sweets and toys. Please convey our gratitude to them. As soon as I have the opportunity, I myself will write a letter of gratitude to them. Now, there is no way to buy an envelope with stamps, no matter how ashamed I am to write it, but it’s true. The kids now feel fine.

Thanks again for your kind hearts!
With deep respect, Natalia K.

Our dear saviors – the volunteers and workers of the Diaconia Good Deed in Munich! Many thanks to you, from me and my son Daniel! From his birth, my child suffers a terrible misfortune: a heart disease. The disease turned every day of Daniel into a difficult test. For the whole time of treatment, I, being a single mother, has faced many difficulties. The frightening indifference of doctors, the bureaucratic obstacles of social services, the catastrophic lack of money: the injustice of this world brings me down. Glory to our Lord, we have met you, people with a capital P! You helped us to cope with all the troubles, spiritually and physically supported us during the surgical treatment in Munich. No words can describe how grateful am I for your warmth, care and unselfish responsiveness! God bless you and your noble cause, you have brought happiness back to our family!

Special thanks to the volunteers Maria and Maria for their everyday help!

Sincerely, Svetlana Zolina.

We, the Koraev family from Vladikavkaz, wish to thank from the bottom of our hearts
the volunteers of Diaconia Good Deed for continuing support and especially for
the next tranche of help with paying for our housing.

We sincerely wish to you, to your loved ones and all caring people, who takes part in a difficult task of helping sick children,

Best regards and many thanks
Koraev family

Dear Diaconia,
The Sherstoboev family thanks you thereby for your kindness and merciful charity. The help provided by you gave us the hope for a further stay and treatment in Cologne. Good deeds do not go unnoticed. They shine as beacons to those who are waiting for help. I am sure that your example is also inspiring to other philanthropists. By providing the assistance, you donate not just the material values – you give hope.