Our dear kind wizards, from the bottom of the heart thank we for your help and support in raising funds for the treatment of Alesha! I have no words to express how much our family is grateful to you! We thank the leaders and voluteers of the Russian Orthodox Diakonia in Europe, the “Good Deed”, all the donators and those who have helped us with kind words, prayer and deed. With your help, Alesha underwent a rehabilitation course at the Olinek clinic in Budapest, and I could be with him. We are happy that there are such bright people in the world as you, that they do not leave us alone and help to fight the disease. With your support, Alyosha’s condition considerably improves , you give us the strength to go forward. Thank you for your kindheartedness, our benefactors!

Svetlana Kholkina

From a mother who came with a child to Munich for a treatment

I want to say: much thanks for the help you gave to us! Beautiful Irina has met us at the airport, and helped to get hospitalized. Next day, Lenochka has come to help with the translation! I am agitated and full with the words of gratitude! You are a great organization that strongly helps to overcome our problems. The most kind and responsive people, volunteers, have been gathered in your organization.
I wish you much success in your very GOOD DEED!!!!

Dear Alina and all your co-workers!!!

We THANK YOU ALL heartily for your help to our son Rodion Nikhotin in paying and purchasing the medicine Regeneresen. Deep bow of gratitude to you for your kindness, openness, your kind hearts! We wish heartily to you and your dear ones health, happiness, loaves and fishes! Blessed be your hearthes and homes, and always keep you warm! Peace to your home!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!

With respect and love, Nikhotin family:
Elena, Rinat, Rodion

Dear Alina:
I thank from the bottom of my heart all members of orthodox Diakonia “Good Deed” for the help to my son Stepan! I thank you for your work, for the assistance you provide to the families in harsh circumstances. Thank you for your responsitivity and support. I wish good health to you and your dear ones!

Zinaida Tishkova

Dear Alina!

Let me express my great gratitude to you, you and your women – volunteers for their help during my stay in Germany. Those are Alexandera, Anzhelochka, and Lyudmila. I can not imagine what I’d do without the help of these good people. Unfortunately, the results of the surgery are not quite positive, as I was told: “What do you want, this is the third surgery”, so it became worse. But, thanks to God, at least these lovely women assisted me in my puny state. They have not left me but helped. Indeed, it appeared it was very difficult for me to be unaccompanied, I did not think it is so difficult. May God grant you and your families health and good luck, and let the people that are so sympathetic and involved as you are, always come across on your way. I will always remember those who helped me. Huge thanks !!!!
Sincerely, Lyudmila Vasilyeva.