Alina, greetings to you!

I am already in Russia, I have been fully examined. For 2 years of treatment in Russia I was never examined that attentively as here in Germany! I can not remember the diagnosis they give, yet they said I will live, and to start to move more is the most important for now. In Russia, I was told not to move, just lie in bed, and this ruined my feet. Now I’m in the rehabilitation centre of the Interior Ministry, there is a resourceful medical facility, with a lot of swimming pools, fitness centre, physiotherapy. I am trying already to make the first steps without the support of crutches. Of course it does not always go well, but the spirit is the most important, and that I have. Alexander turned to be a very good , serious and responsible, precisely like you said! He really helped me very much over there! And the doctors there are just angels in comparison with our doctors, they listen attentively, and explain everything in detail. In short, I am delighted !!!!!!!

And many thanks to you for your help, Alina!!!! You gave me a chance to start a new life!!! I fear to think what would happen to me without your help!

Dear Doctor Didrikson and nurses Irina, Anna, Lucy, Gabi from kindergarten, therapists Astrid, Natalie and Svijany, the manager of foreign patients Stefanie and the entire medical staff!

I thank you from my heart for your professional help in the treatment of my daughter, for caring her after the surgery. We wish you good health and vigour for your hard work. May God bless and protect you! Thank you for your sympathy and compassion.
I wish that many more kids who are waiting for the treatment, come to know your warmth and support. Our whole family and all our compatriots are grateful to you.

With full respect and love, your patient Dasha and her mother Nathasha Zavarukhin.

Our dear friends!
We would like very much to tell you how the dream of our daugter Sofia came true.
For several years we struggle with her grave illness. Now Sofia is treated in a Stuttgart clinic.

Even before the disease started, Sofia dreamed of visiting Paris. The child’s dream got a response in the good hearts of the parishioners of St. Nicholas in Stuttgart.

It also got a warm response in the French capital. By the blessing of the rector of the Cathedral of Three Saints in Paris, Fr. Mark, the parishioners warmly greeted greeted, and have organized a full program, so that for our stay of a week we have not only visited sites and admire the beauty of the city, but have also been in holy places. Sophia was thrilled! Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles and of course – fabulous Disneyland. For a week, she has forgotten all the troubles and has been just a 13-year-old girl that got to the city of her dream.

We did not regret to leave beautiful Paris, since we got not only the memories to keep: we made friends, which we will never forget. And it may be that someday, when all the troubles are left behind, we will meet again. And of course it would be improper not to mention that this trip would never take place without your involvement, your good will and your prayers.

May God bless you,

April 2014     Sergei Ryzhov, father of Sofia

Our dear friends and sponsors, those who take part in fate of our Artem!!!! Many-many thanks to you!!!!!
This super-device has finally reached us!!!!
The exercise bike “Motomed” is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hoeraaa!
Artyomka has tried it already, shook all the cogs, explored all the buttons, twisted all pedals, did not leave it the whole evening. So much joy it was for, he kept repeating: ‘they do not take it away, this is a gift for me, yeah, I have friends like this !!!’

Many thanks for the present you made for our son Artem. And it happened so that he got it on his birthday!!! Our family has been dreaming of such exercise bike, yet, unfortunately, we could not afford it. The treatment in clinics costs much money and vigour while the device allows everyday training on his own.
Dear friens, thank you for such a valuable contribution to the health of our child, for your invaluable help! It’s not just a training device, it is a chance for Artem to began to walk on his own and get healthy!!! Thank you for the opportunity and chance to gave to us !!!!

Health, happiness, good luck to you and your families !!!
With full respect, Kovalev family and yours Artem.