Some news about Masha.
For almost a week, we have been treating pneumonia; as always, it was all full with antibiotics, fever, oxygen apparatus, Airvo 2, and that very expensive inhaler Aerogen pro. Due to the fact that we have the necessary equipment, and now also this inhaler, we coped with the disease and did not get into Some of our news from Masha.
For almost a week, we were treating pneumonia; as always, it was in full with antibiotics, fever, oxygen apparatus, Airvo 2, and that very expensive inhaler Aerogen pro. Due to the fact that we have the necessary equipment, and now also this inhaler, we coped with the disease and did not get into intensive care, as it was before.

Today there was a term in Charite clinics with the doctor, and the volunteer Sergey has kindly agreed to accompany us, so we could learn everything, have asked all the questions, and received all the answers, and now we will proceed. Sergey has not only perfectly translated the conversation during the term, but also has showed us a little of Berlin nearby.

Thank you, Irina, and all the volunteers for the support and help!
Without you, we could not manage.

Laputina Galina Valerievna

It was a beautiful day today.
In the morning, Maksik and me, as usual, went to the church to attend the Sunday service, and after the service a charity fair took place to help my son with rising funds for his treatment!
Thank you very much to everyone who have organized such a feast for us !!! Thanks to everyone who responded and came !!! Thanks to everyone who donated to save the life of my beloved !!! Thanks to everyone who remembers Maxim in their prayers !!! And of course, thanks to the gifted children and adults for a mini-concert!
I know that this is a first experience of holding such a fair in this particular parish !!! You are all great people! Maxim got a lot of positive emotions! I haven’t seen him in such a good mood for a long time … he was as happy as a truly happy healthy child! All this thanks to you, dear parishioners and organizers … Thanks to Father Alexei for the blessing! We had a wonderful Sunday!

My special thanks to you, Elena Palchinskiy, for daily care and assistance.

Thereby we can conclude … and this conclusion makes us very happy …! No matter where you are, in what country, in what language you speak, what is your financial condition … all over the world have been, are and will be GOOD PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS!
The main thing to believe … and on your life path will meet good, love, mutual help, all hopes and faith will come true!

Thanks to the Diakonia Good Deed for helping the needy … it’s priceless !!!

Alena Butenko


Our family, our Masha meet most amazing, helpful people. In most difficult moments of life, I simply pray with all my heart to the Lord: “come, send us angels to help ……” and they do come. Some of them we have never met, but we know their names. And for all our helpers we ask in the prayers to the Lord: health, prosperity, all the best.

Owing to the help of the Orthodox Diaconia “Good Deed”, this summer Mashenka got a motomed (2,224 euros). The first results of our work with this trainer set appeared within a couple of weeks. To increase the speed during the exercises, the special attachments for the legs were needed. There was a question of purchasing them.
On October 4, a wonderful charity lecture with a tea party took place in Berlin. The title was “The Secret Collection. Cornelius Gurlitt is a hostage of art” and it was organized by Anna Leus, Irina Simonova, Lika Schönberg. During the lecture, the funds for the “Good Deed”children have been collected. For us, a pleasant surprise was the decision of the organizers and volunteers to buy these attachments for Masha (180.88 euros) and to help to pay several bills (128 euros, 43.95 euros), one of the bills of 317.25 euros has been paid by marvelous Elena. The attachments are already ordered, we are waiting for them. With joy, asking for God’s help, we hope for further success with exercises. Thank you all for your good deeds and hearts!

Galina Laputina

Our dear wizards — the volunteers of Diaconia!! We thank you for your invaluable help in paying for the treatment in the sanatorium “Novy” (Teplice, Czech Republic). Thank you very much for giving for the second time a chance to my son – a chance for childhood, a chance for health!! Thank you for everything – for understanding despair of a mother, for caring, for the kindness that you give, for the hope that you bring to every mother’s heart!! A low bow to you for everything that you do for our children!! May God grant you and your loved ones well-being and health!! God bless you!
With respect and gratitude to you Lena and Rodion Nihotina ..
Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

Many thanks to Lika and mamma Nina from Galina Laputina and her daughter Masha

We did not have yet so marvellous gifts made with love!
This day has brought so much warmth and kindness, attention and gifts to me and Masha, that a couple of hours ago, when I looked at all gifts from Nina Karl and Lika Schönberg, the “Good Deed” volunteers, I brust with tears of gratitude to God 🙏 for the presence of such marvellous people that always come and help in difficult times.

Mamma Nina, I hug you tightly, I thank you with all my heart for these magical muffins with & # x1f34f; made with such love, an incredible golden harvest grown by your golden hands & # x1f952; & # x1f34e; & # x1f955; & # x1f336; , bread kwas (yummy) & # x1f60b; so cold and spicy, olive oil for Mashenka. Everything is so yummy, and all homemade & # x1f60a; .
I wish you strong health, and the most beautiful mood.
Thank you, God, for all our helpers, let everything be fine with them. I thank everyone who takes part in good and kind deeds, and helps our family.