Seven sisters of mercy visiting Germany

Seven sisters of mercy from St. Dmitry school in Moscow have visited Germany from October 19 to 24. The visit took place in the framework of collaboration between the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Ministry of Moscow Patriachate and our diakonia “Good deed”.

The guests from Russia have visited 4 clinics, 3 retirement homes, and a hostpital of Karl Leisner catholic society. All these installations are situated in small towns of Cleves region of North-West Germany. The sisters of mercy from Moscow had an opportunity to work together with local medical personnel and thus to learn the duties of German colleagues from inside. Both sides were satisfied with the exchange of experience that took place, and hope to continue the fruitful cooperation.

18 people were involved in this event and its preparation – those are Diakonia volunteers and our friends from 6 parishes: Dordmund, Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Cleves, Nijmegen and Amsterdam. We thank everybody who helped!

News at the site of Marfo-Mariinsky Convent (in Russuan)

November 2015

Dear friends!
Some good news in October.

Owing to your efforts and kind hearts, we have manage to completely pay off the treatment Nikita Kucherenko from Nikolaev, 15 years old, cerebral palsy, brain cyst! The boy has already started the rehabilitation. His mother thanks God for sending her child such kind and helpful people!

We also managed to help to pay for the treatment of Olga Sikirnitskoy, 16 years, diagnosed with a spine tumor. This beautiful and strong girl will to the clinic in January to get out of the wheelchair and learn to walk again. Olga thanks everyone who gave her this opportunity!

From the funds collected by you, we have also bought the tickets for the Jana Labunov , a 6-year-old girl from Abakan suffering from complex cardiac disease. In December, she, her mother and grandmother will have to attend the follow-up examination in Germany.

In November, your help is required for: Read more

October 2015

Dear friends!
Last month, the local Diakonia groups have been taking care of several dozens of patiences. Our volunteers negotiated with clinics, picked up people at the airport, looked for places to stay, guaranteed translations during the period of treatment, supported spiritually, collected money, clothes, goods and food, wrote official letters, helped to prolong visas, to get working permissions, to contact relatives; gathered medications, transported to church, prayed, were by the side until the last minute… Read more

September 2015

Dear friends!

Thank you to every one of you who made helping others a habit and a necessity!
Thanks to little but regular donations we were able to pay a part of the deposit 5 thousand euros last month so that Nikolai Gerasimov, 11 yo, who is suffering from osteosarcoma, could start to be treated on time and hence get a chance to fight his illness!
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August 2015

Dear friends!

The holidays are over. We are now returning to our work, our usual worries and delights, with new vigour. The autumn days are shorter. Hurry to do good!

Our first news – on the 4th of July the first Day of the Orthodox Volunteer took place in Cologne, organised by Good Deed. Keep reading