We have entered the New Year 2020 altogether! Thanks to all who was with us in the year past! Thank you for your readiness to help a neighbor, become a hope and support to somebody, make the world kinder!

With your efforts, in 2019 we have raised about EUR 95,000. With this money, the children
have been treated in hospitals, got medical equipment, medicines, flew on the planes, lived in apartments with their families during the treatment. And their parents were able to devote more time and energy to their children.
Money came from the organizations as well as the private donors.
Many thanks to those who transferred money on a regular basis. You are our reliable foundation and guarantee of efficient assistance to our care-receivers! A small but regular donation does a great job!
Special thanks to those who donated to sick children and adults the money received as a gift for their wedding or birthday. To remember the others in distress when you feel good and joyful is a rare and valuable human quality!
All the names provided by the donors for prayer support are included in our common monthly prayer list. The names are commemorated at prayers in all the churches and monasteries where this information letter is distributed.

For the whole year, with your help, we have supported 49 care-receivers, children and adults!
Partially, the bills have been paid by the German charity funds. We help the care-receivers to apply to these funds.
With the efforts of our volunteers, the funds have financed the treatment of 22 care-receivers, for EUR 360,000 in total.

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Yet another year with you, friends, comes to the end. It was full of love and warmth, support and kindness. The words of gratitude from the children whom you have helped, from their mothers, fathers, grandmothers – these words come to us in dozens these days. On their behalf, with great admiration for the work of volunteers and the generosity of the donators, we say: dear friends, thank you for your help and involvement! Life goes on, good deeds bring forth fruit.

In November, we have helped to pay: the emergency surgery in Switzerland to replace the spinal support system for Victoria Vakatova, 10 years old, Moscow, scoliosis, impaired spinal development; the treatment in Israel for Daniil Likhodienko, 7 years old, Khabarovsk Territory, Russia, the consequences of cancer, epilepsy; the stem cell transplantation for Sofia Mushkudiani, 6 years old, Georgia, epilepsy, cerebral palsy; the medicines and medical examination for Valentina Mikhailova, 5 years old, Ukraine, laryngeal and tracheal papillomatosis, tracheostomy.

On the eve of the magical New Year and Christmas days, the following children are waiting for our help:
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Dear friends, thank you for your help and participation! We are glad to give again the opportunity to all wishing to help the children in distress.

In the previous month, with your help, we were able to pay a year stay at the clinic for family of Dima Sherstobaev, 10 years old, oncology, and also get funding for treatment from the charity funds for Kirill Gorokhov, 3 y.o., VPS, Stepan Tyshkov, 10 y.o, a rare vessel pathology, Ruslan Varushin, 2 years, kidney cancer, Arina Goncharova, 5 y.o., kidney cancer, Svetlana Zakharyan, 3.5 y.o., oncology, Daniil Lihodeenko, 7 y.o., a complex CNS malfunction, for a total sum of about EUR 75,000.

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Dear friends, we are happy to give to everyone wishing again the opportunity to help children and adults in distress.
In the previous month, with your assistance, we have provided the help to:
Denis Krasnikov, 16 years old, cerebral palsy, Voronezh, and Danil Kukarkin, 11 years old, cerebral palsy, Bashkortostan.
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Dear friends, the summer has passed, congratulations with your return to working rhythm and stability.
This summer, with your help, we have managed to help:
to a single mother from Berlin, Vika, to buy a stroller for her baby,
to Ilya Krasilnikov, 4 years old, St. Petersburg, cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, to pay for the rehabilitation in a Polish clinic Olinek, to Elizaveta Ekimova, 7 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy, with pay for the rehabilitation in Ratingen clinic.
Thank you for being with us!

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