Dear friends, in May and June we have helped to pay for treatment and rehabilitation to:
Alina Kupriyanova, 7 years old, Russia, congenital heart disease, organic lesion in the central nervous system, cerebral palsy; Elena Egorycheva, 12 years old, Russia, cancer, brain tumor; Victoria Meyer, 3 years old, Germany, hyperglycemia, epilepsy; Matvey Belyakov, 10 years old, Russia, absence of fibula, shortening of the leg; Savva Balabanov, 11 years old, Russia, hemaphagocytic lymphaistiocytosis, Epstein-Barr virus; Dima Seredyuk, 9 years old, Ukraine, cerebral palsy.
We have purchased and transported medical equipment to Belarus and Russia, supported a Russian family in a difficult situation.
Thank you for being with us!
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MAY 2021

Christ is Risen!
We congratulate everyone with the bright feast of Easter! May the victory of Christ over the Death give us all the hope and strength to do good.

Dear friends, thank you for your help.
In April, we have helped to:
Nikita Tereshchenkov, 17 y. o., Leningrad region, Russia, acute myeloid leukemia;
Matvey Belyakov, 10 y. o., St. Petersburg, Russia, congenital absence of fibula;
Masha Ruzavina, 11 y. o, Irkutsk region, Russia, congenital epidermolysis bullosa;
Liza Savelyeva, 12 y. o., Ukraine, epilepsy;
Eldar Eldarov, 16 y. o., Chechen Republic, Russia, cerebral palsy;
Semyon Ivanov, 23 y. o., Estonia, cerebral palsy, level 4 diplegia.
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APRIL 2021

Spring is in full swing. So we have more and more strength for good deeds! Thank you for being with us and carrying on with helping people around!
With your help, in March we have managed to fully or partially pay for the treatment of:
Mark Badanin, 3 years old, Belarus, liver cancer,
Natalia Gergel, 62 years old, Ukraine, breast cancer,
Elizaveta Savelyeva, 12 years old, Ukraine, epileptic encephalopathy.

The volunteers of Diakonia groups in Germany have visited families who arrive for the treatment, helped with translation at appointments with doctors, and taken them to church. In March, the assistance was provided to several dozen families. An excerpt from the report of one of the groups: “We have prepared for the arrival of the family of G.: we got a folding bed, kitchen utensils, purchased food and prepared lunch for the arrival, and met them at the airport.” Our volunteer translators have translated 34 pages of medical documents in March.
Thanks to everyone who helps and supports!

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MARCH 2021

Dear friends, thank you for your support. In February, we have helped to secure support from a German charity fund for a surgery at a Bonn clinic for Milana Volkova, 3 y.о., Vladimir, Russia, heart disease; transferred money for the treatment of Andrei Turov, 4 y.o., Barnaul, Russia, Ewing’s sarcoma; paid for and delivered a special bicycle for Vasilisa Degtyareva, 3 years old, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, Volgograd region, Russia; supported financially Eldar Eldarov, 16 y.o., cerebral palsy, Chechnya; paid for the rehabilitation course for Artem Kashira, 23 y.o., Tula region, traumatic brain injury.

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Dear friends, in January we have helped to purchase medical equipment and simulators for Eva Grabovskaya, 3 years old, Russia, neuroblastoma, Sasha and Pasha Sanyukevich, 10 years old, Belarus, cerebral palsy; Fedya Emelyanov, 4 years old, Russia, cerebral palsy, Ilona Glamozda, 5 years old, Belarus, and also pay for the first stage of treatment for Andrei Turov, 4 years old, Russia, Ewing sarcoma. Thank you for your help!
Some of the medical equipment was not yet sent to their owners. If you have the opportunity to help us deliver it to Russia and Belarus, write to us as soon as possible!

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