Dear Alina!

Let me express my great gratitude to you, you and your women – volunteers for their help during my stay in Germany. Those are Alexandera, Anzhelochka, and Lyudmila. I can not imagine what I’d do without the help of these good people. Unfortunately, the results of the surgery are not quite positive, as I was told: “What do you want, this is the third surgery”, so it became worse. But, thanks to God, at least these lovely women assisted me in my puny state. They have not left me but helped. Indeed, it appeared it was very difficult for me to be unaccompanied, I did not think it is so difficult. May God grant you and your families health and good luck, and let the people that are so sympathetic and involved as you are, always come across on your way. I will always remember those who helped me. Huge thanks !!!!
Sincerely, Lyudmila Vasilyeva.

Greetings, Alina!
We sincerely congratulate you and your wonderful co-workers with forthcoming New Year and wish you Merry Christmas !!! Желаем Вам в грядущем году быть в окружении исключительно положительных и доброжелательных людей, переживать только приятные эмоции, радоваться каждому прожитому дню, дарить радость и улыбки окружающим. We wish you in the coming year to be surrounded by extremely positive and friendly people only, to feel only pleasant emotions, to enjoy every single day, to give joy and smiles to others.
Let this new year erase all the sorrow of the past, and multiply the wealth and success accumulated. Let every minute of the new year bring something new and exciting to your life. Пусть этот год станет годом грандиозных встреч и фантастических начинаний, годом рождения мечты, которая непременно исполнится! Let this year become a year of the grand meetings and fantastic undertakings, a year of birth of the dream, that will certainly come true! Thank you for everything.
Sincerely, Marina Kalinina

Alina and all you guys – our helpers, wizards and benefactors!
Me and Denis, and the team of Denis group wish you a Happy New Year 2017! Thank you for your open hearts, thank you for your help!
Let there be peace! Let all children smile! Let people not be afraid of war! Let everybody get rich by heart as well as in money! Let there be stability, well-being and prosperity! Let every day bring joy to us, let the troubles get far from us! Let the most cherished dreams come true! Happy New Year!

Denis Krasnikov and his mother Nadezhda

hnyAlina, we wish you a Happy New Year! We wish you great happiness, kindness, peace, prosperity and good health.
Let the blizzard sweep with white newly-fallen snow,
Let the best things happen all over,
Let happiness not get lost
And miss you not,
May all your wishes come true
on New Year Eve!

Thank you so much for everything you did for us.
With great respect, Deriugina Nina and Andrew.

we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happiness, health and luck to your families.
And a big thanks for the good deed!
Nadezhda Labun