We want to wholeheartedly thank the volunteers from the orthodox Diakonia Good Deed from the city of Cologne. Thank you so much for your help; with our daughter Riana Safargalina we were having an examination in the Asklepios children’s clinic in Sankt Augustin, then the children’s clinic in Cologne, due to changed dates for the hospitalisation and illness of the child we ended up in a very difficult situation, we simply did not expect to stay in Germany for so long. We got help with our visas, moving places, food, money, translations, and everything was done with dedication, we also got picked up and driven back to the airport. Thanks to you we have gone through everything and have returned home. Thank you so much for your kind hearts, for your existence, it is so important in a foreign country to find such kind, communicative, lovely people.

A huge parental thank you, may God give you and your family good health and protect you from misfortune, and give you strength to develop and spread your benevolent work. Please accept our thanks and a low bow! May God protect you!

Safargalin Family

Greetings, Alina, Anton and Anna!

I would like to thank you from the deep of my heart for that really GOOD DEED you do.
Many thanks for your help and warmth. It is very moving that there are people in alien country that are ready to support in a bad moment.

Thank God, our visit with my son has resulted in dismissing the grave diagnosis of Moscow doctors. Yet after having gone through all the stages of preparation for the trip, I understand the value and importance of your activities.
Success and prosperity to all of you.

With full respect,
Kozlova Natalia Victorovna

Letter of gratitude and request

Greetings to you, our friends far away – friends that are so close!

Our family is very grateful for your help and support. Our daughter Inna, the only and beloved child, suffers from her birth from cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, episyndrome. She cannot even sit by her own, she is cot case. She is already an adult, she is sixteen. Sometimes it is very difficult, it seems a dead end and we lose heart. Yet God does not leave us sending kind and hearten people ready to help in a bad moment. So has it came about
Inna_Harkov now. The volunteers Lena and Galya Chechik has helped us with a pleasant gift – they brought wheelchair that we have already used to transport Inna to the planned medical investigation, and many good and needed clothes for our daughter. We are grateful to Alina Titova, the head of Russian Orthodox Diakonia in Europe “Good Deed”, and for the wheelchair – the Harlaching clinics in Munich, its director Kai Trecker and employee Galina Volokhova. It is very important to find people that care about us, and provide support and help.

Thank you so much. With full respect and gratitude,

Natalya Zharko, mother of Inna

The family requires EUR 100 per month for medicine. We search sponsors that are ready to support Inna and her parents. We will be thankful for your response!

Greetings, Alina!

The course of the treatment was not easy for Nikita. In the middle of the course, he has caught chickenpox. He was quarantineed for several days and had fever and itch. Thank God, the clinic personnel took it calmly and allowed us to resume rehabilitation after the crisis period. Nikita missed a just few days of treatment at the clinic. Of course, the disease has sat back our progress. His body has weakened. But Nikita has recovered, and the treatment at the clinic once again brought good results. Thank you so much!!!!

Natalia and Nikita Kucherenko

Our dear friends and sponsors in Germany!
I thank you from the deep of my heart as only a mother can thank for the fact that in harsh time you have been with us and helped to purchase for my sonny in orthopaedic workshop “Pohlig” at the clinic Aschau these devices to learn to stand! After more than 3 years Denis could not stand on his own due to a terrible chiasm which developed as a result of the limb spasticity. And now we train the legs, strengthen bones, stand for a few hours a day and thank the Lord that He sent us help from the people! This is a neat apparatus, covered by pictures of airplanes, little boats and cars – all symbols of motion. So right it is since our goal is the motion! Denis day stoically endured endless fitting of the apparatus for 5-6 hours per day. The result is – thanks to the experts – that the standing in the device is very comfortable.

Alina dear, convey my thanks to all, to all those who in your close-knit team helps with the heart and soul to our babies! Thank to Iryne Yarets, who with her husband visited us on weekends in the clinic and met Denis. Denis has been thoroughly pleased with the acquaintance, just  simply overwhelmed with emotions! Ira Zhytomyrskaya and Natasha Belgorodskaya were always in touch and sometimes even translated for us on phone. Health to you, our dear sponsors, let all wrong have gone from your life! Lord bless you!

Krasnikovy, Denis and his mother.