Meeting of Diakonia Volunteers in Montenegro

On May 3-7, the coordinators and volunteers of Diakonia, for the first time after the difficult period of the pandemic and forced online communication, had the opportunity to meet in Montenegro. Not many of us were able to find the time and energy to get out to there : yet the meeting turned out to be surprisingly warm and inspiring.

We have combined the discussions of current affairs and tasks of Diakonia with psychological training, visiting the sights of this amazing country, and just relaxing on the coast (it’s a pity that the sea was not warm enough yet :))

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Dear friends, we go on with helping others!!
With your help, a lot has been accomplished over the past few months.
We have paid for housing and examinations for Anastasia Kirinskaya, 24 y.o., Berlin, Kearns-Sayre syndrome, have purchased and sent to Ukraine the medicines for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, have provided initial support for refugees in Germany, have paid for a wheelchair for Tamara Khudoley, 7 y. o., Donetsk region, brain tumor.

Our local volunteers continue to work.
From the reports of the local volunteer groups:
“Over the past month we Read more

APRIL 2022

Greetings you all!
Easter is nearing, the feast of the victory of Life over Death. Life shall be victorious!
Let all of us to partake in this victory!
We have done a lot for the last month.
We have sent several humanitarian cargoes to Ukraine, taken out of the country several families with seriously ill children, paid housing for Russian families with sick children being treated in Europe, provided the initial financial support to Ukrainian refugee families. We have helped to pay for the treatment of Ilona Dolukhanyan, 17 years old, Krasnodar, Russia, osteosarcoma, leg amputation, Vladimir Pozdnyakov, 2 years old, Kirzhach, Vladimir region, Russia, cerebral palsy
Thank you all for your persistent support!

This month, we still require funds for refugees and children from GUS countries being treated in Germany.

Our help is awaited by:
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MARCH 2022

My dear ones… It was difficult for me to write anything in the first days of the war. The thoughts did not keep pace with emotions, the emotions did not keep pace with the actions. I did not know what to write to console anyone who was involved in this situation: our care-receivers and volunteers, our friends and relatives on both sides, our children … For our psyche, there is no difference if a terrible thing happens with us or with those far away. What matters for it is the feeling and experience at the present moment. To help yourself, you need to help others!
And we just have started to work.
During the fortnight of the war in Ukraine, we have helped to about 115 people to leave the war zone. We have sent several cars with humanitarian cargo for refugees at Polish border. We have supported them upon arrival to Germany and have found the housing for about 80 people. Mainly, we have helped the families with seriously ill and disabled children, the families with many children, and single elderly people.
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Help to refurees

Dear friends, these days we provide the help to Ukranian refugees to the best of our resource. For this fortnight, we have helped to about 100 people to get out of the war zone and find the shelter in Germany. Mainly those are families with sick and disabled children and single eldery people.
Thank you so much for your support!
Your furhter donations would be extremely appeciated:
Bank: Russisch Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde Stuttgart
IBAN:DE62600501010002645779, BIC: SOLADEST, purpose of payment: Kinderhilfe Ukraine
PayPal:, purpose of payment: Kinderhilfe Ukraine