DobroMore: Second program period

Dear friends,
the second program period of our rehabilitation education centre DobroMore in Montenegro is in full thrust. There is a nice wheather in Montenegro, much sea and sun, and no such tension as in many other countries now. Our volunteers do everything to create an athmosphere of kindness, creativity, warmth and mutual support for the care-receivers and their family members, so that they can make a step to recreation and hapinness.

Let us wish them luck, and remeber in a pray.

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DobroMore: the second program period is completed

Dear friends,
the second program period in rehabilitation and education center DobroMore is completed. Because of the travel rescriptions imposed in the end of March by many countries, we had to end it earlier than planned. The families and volunteers flew home, keeping in hearts the positive charge of bright emotions, love and mutual support. We thank very much all participants, volunteers and sponsors.
Counting the number of participants, this program period was much bigger than the previous one – more than 40 participants. There were 6 families of the care-receivers, of, 3-4-5 and even seven family members, the volunteers from Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Germany, Montenegro. There were master-classes held, the children did archery and hyppotherapy. Sea, hot spring sun, joy and hapiness…
Please wish best luck and success to our project, despite gloomy times we all enter now.

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Yegor Yegorov

Videos from his charity concert of 13.12.2019 in Berlin.

Cologne, 9-1-2020: Christmas time at University Clinic

On January 9, Diakonia volunteers visited the University Clinics in Cologne, the hostel for families of cancer children. In addition to gifts, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden brought unexpected guests with them – the Wolf, who plays the guitar and sings, granny Solokha with an apple pie, and even a living Christmas Tree. The children and parents were not only spectators of a funny fairy tale performance, but also its participants. It was required to decorate the Christmas Tree with balls and garlands, which Snow Maiden brought on a sleigh. The Tree was so glad that she joined the common dance. Children and adults did round dances, played, sang. They forgot for a while about illness and suffering. Then there was a tea party with moths. We sang Christmas carols all together. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden also visited those who are in intensive care now and could not attend the common celebration.