Charity bazaar in Cologne 18-12-2022

Photoreport about the bazaar

Bonn. Congratulating the care-receivers with New Year and Christmas

The team of Bonn volunteers wishes our care-receivers a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
The families with children being treated in Bonn clinics have received the gifts wished, the congratulations and warm words from Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. Owing to the well-coordinated work of volunteers from the Orthodox Parish of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos in Bonn and the “Ray of Kindness” association in Cologne, we manage to fulfill all the cherished desires of the wards.

Hurry to do good! Join us!


Dear friends!

The Christmas fairy tale has already begun for many, and for some we make it with our own hands! Thank you for your support!
Owing to you, we have helped last month to:
Danila Sirota, 18 years old, Ukraine, consequences of osteosarcoma, to pay off the debt in Germany;
Mark Vasiltsov, 2 years old, Belarus, bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of both eyes), to pay off a surgery in a Swiss clinics.

Our volunteers still treat sick children, search for medicines, medical equipment, housing, funds, negotiate with clinics, translate, meet, console, plant trees with the parents in memory of their departed children, extend visas, sort out the documents, send medicines and electric generators for those who need it, organize children’s holidays and hold charity fairs. They negotiate with Santa Claus so that their care-receivers get exactly the gifts they are dreaming of! You can also join our close-knit family. Right now it is so important for people to unite for the sake of good and for the sake of the future. And sprout them in yourself and around you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In December, we ask you to help to: Читать дальше


Dear friends! Our New Year action this year is aimed at helping children who live in Ukraine under horrible conditions of war.
We are raising money to purchase electric generators, stoves and other devices, that will help the children, including those suffering from acute and chronic diseases, and their family members, to survive this cold and dark winter, to get warm and light.
The devices purchased will be delivered to Ukraine directly to specific addresses of the children. Additional information: at the DobroMore site: and at the site of Diakonia Good Deed:
Bank data:

Russian Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde Stuttgart
IBAN: DE62600501010002645779
Please indicate the payment purpose:
Kinderhilfe Ukraine Heizung


Dear friends!

Thank you for your help and your persistent support!
We continue to raise funds for those we wrote about in the last letter.
In October and November, your help is also expected by:

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