online market dobroedelo_art_de

Dear friends, we have launched a new project – online market dobroedelo_art_de at Instragram. Our friends, craftswomen, supply us with little hand-made goods.
You can purchase the things you like at this Instagram page and support us thereby: all proceeds from the sale will be used to help the care-receivers of Good Deed.
The cost includes delivery within Germany. Please subscribe to the page and make reposts. This is an important support for our online market.


Dear friends,
December-January is the brightest and most exciting time of the year, for both children and adults. It is the time of hopes and fulfillment of wishes. We have done a great job in the last month – we provided the gifts to a hundred of children, and fulfilled the wishes of 40 our little care-receivers and their families. The best reward for our efforts is the glow of joy in children’s eyes , and the words of gratitude from parents. And all this is due to you, our dear donors! Thank you for your support! The photo reports can be seen on our website and in our groups at Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.
In total, in 2021 Diakonia has helped to 112 care-receivers, the information about 50 of them has been published in the monthly letters. About EUR 220,000 have been transferred to the clinics for their treatment, and about EUR 167,000 were transferred to the clinics by German charity funds at our requests. This means that the operations have been performed, vital treatment received, lives have been saved, and important support has been provided to their families. Many thanks to all the donors and volunteers who have made this possible! I am sure that next year we can do together as much as we did.
The holiday time is over, yet the wonders keep happening throughout the year!
In January, your help is awaited by:
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2021 New Year presents for our care-receivers


Yulia Drukh: Crowdfunding for a solo-cd

Our friend and volunteer, a wonderful musician Yulia Drukh, supports us again. The famous German music studio GENIUN invites Yulia to record a solo album. This requires financial support, so Julia opened a crowdfunding campaign at . Yet Julia reckons: “If I get help, then I must help.” Therefore, part of the funds raised for the project will be donated to Diaconia Good Deed to support our care-receivers. Let the chain of goodness not be interrupted!

Budva, charity bazaar, 19-12-2021

On St. Nicholas Day, a Christmas charity bazaar was successfully held in Budva, Montenegro. The children – students of the DobroMore Open School, their parents and teachers prepared and ran it. Thanks to the many visitors and friends who came to support them!
Everyone has enjoyed it and was filled with positive emotions. Music, mulled wine, wonderful crafts with meaning, Christmas tree decorations and postcards, delicious pies and pastries from novice chefs and masters of culinary art, home-made Christmas gingerbread – everything presented at the fair was made by hand and created a festive mood! Positive reviews and money transfers to the Dobro Delo account continue to flow.
The children appeared as adults, independent, creative and open-minded. On these pre-Christmas days, they thought not only of themselves and their loved ones, but also of others – the children donated half of the money they earned to the sick children, the care-receivers of Diakonia Good Deed. And even if this amount is small, this brought more kindness and light to their hearts.