Dear friends!
Let me congratulate all involved on the beginning of the school year and the return to the usual working rhythm. In August, we have helped Zakhar Mozgov, 6 years old, Voronezh region, neuroblastoma, to pay for the next treatment. Thank you!
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Montenegro, October 14-18, 2022
A workshop for psychologists and volunteers helping people in crisis situations. Includes practical sessions with care-receivers.

Dear friends, we invite you to take part in the international meeting of specialists helping people in crisis situations. Read more


Dear friends, thank you for your support!
In these summer months, thanks to you, we go on with helping. In July, the support has been provided to: Vasilisa Degtyareva, 8 years old, Russia, epilepsy – the payment for the housing during the medical examination, Nikita Suprunov, 9 years old, Russia, epilepsy: the medicines, Grisha Dolgykh, 11 years old, Belarus, cerebral palsy: the payment for rehabilitation, Varvara Davydova, 5 years old, Russia, heart disease: the tickets home are paid, Milana Volkova, 6 years old, Russia, heart disease – the debt for treatment has been paid off, Valery Davydov, 13 years old, Russia, traumatic brain injury – the payment for rehabilitation.

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JULY 2022

Good day to you, dear friends. It is not so easy to raise money in summer months, yet the children do not get ill less often. And the current situation in the world does not help to solve the problems of families in trouble. And that means: we again have the opportunity to help. Special thanks to all those who are responding to my letters now! Thank you for being with us!
In June, we have supported Savva Balabanov, 12 years old, Nizhny Novgorod, hemaphagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, Epstein-Barr virus, and Vasilisa Degtyareva, 5 years old, Volgograd, epilepsy.

The following children are waiting for our help:
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Meeting of Diakonia Volunteers in Montenegro

On May 3-7, the coordinators and volunteers of Diakonia, for the first time after the difficult period of the pandemic and forced online communication, had the opportunity to meet in Montenegro. Not many of us were able to find the time and energy to get out to there : yet the meeting turned out to be surprisingly warm and inspiring.

We have combined the discussions of current affairs and tasks of Diakonia with psychological training, visiting the sights of this amazing country, and just relaxing on the coast (it’s a pity that the sea was not warm enough yet :))

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