Cologne, charity bazaar, 19-12-2021

On the feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, a charity fair in support of the care-receivers of the Russian Orthodox Diakonia in Europe “Good Deed” was held in Cologne. Thanks to all the organizers, participants and guests of the truly festive event! Delicious pastries, Christmas cookies, Christmas tree and New Year’s decorations, books, toys, souvenirs, jams and various handmade products delighted the visitors of the bazaar.


Greetings, dear friends!

We have helped financially to Savva Balabanov, 12, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, Maxim Antonenko, 29, progressive squamous cell carcinoma, and Alina Kupriyanova, 9, congenital heart disease, cerebral palsy.
In addition to financial assistance, we are providing volunteer support to dozens of families every month.
Thank you, dear volunteers and sponsors, for your continued support!

Our “Christmas” care-receivers:
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Greetings, dear friends!
Thank you for your persisting support!
In October, we have financially supported Savva Balabanov, 12 y.o., hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and Maxim Antonenko, 29 y.o., progressive squamous cell carcinoma.
In November, our help is required by:
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Hello everyone,
In September, we have helped to pay for treatment and related expenses to Anna Abramova, 8 y. o., heart defect, and Ivan Ibragimov, 12 y. o., myelodysplastic syndrome. Here is a letter from Anya’s mother about their success.
Anna just underwent an endovascular surgery, whereby a complete examination of the heart and blood vessels was performed. The necessary manipulations have been done to dilate her blood vessels and eliminate stenosis.
As usual, Anna’s operation has lasted for about 4 hours. Now her condition has already stabilized. The blood oxygen saturation is above 83%. She has to come in 10 days for a check on an outpatient basis.
We thank your organization for your help and support, we really appreciate that in the difficult period for our family you gave a helping hand to us!
May Lord God protect you!
Respectfully yours, Svetlana

Dear friends, thank you for your support! This success would not be achieved without you!

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The blessed time: summer is still bearing fruit, the sun sometimes warms you up, the children still go to school with pleasure.)
And we continue to do good to the best of our strengths and capabilities!
In August, we helped to pay for the treatment and related expenses to Alyosha Afonin, 5 y. o., St. Petersburg, neuroblastoma; Tatiana Serkova, Moscow region, deafness; Anna Nikolaeva, 7 y. o., St. Petersburg, heart disease.

Dear friends, thank you for your support!

In September, our help is awaited by:
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