Christmas charity market in Cologne: 16-12-2018

The traditional pre-Christmas charity market has taken place on December 16 in Cologne.
The volunteers of Diaconia Good Deed have started the preparations for the winter charity event already in early autumn. I am glad that from year to year more and more friends help us with the event. The teachers and students of St. John of Shanghai Children’s and Youth Center, the sisterhood, the parishioners of the church of Sts. Great martyr worked all together for good. Even the preschoolers, as usual, have baked Christmas cookies under the guidance of the teachers and parents. Read more

Charity bazaar in Stuttgart 9-12-2018: Conclusions


Dear friends, we have summed up the results of our bazaar: with your active participation, we have raised EUR 2,744! From that, we have invested EUR 370 to the books and souvenirs. Many thanks to our generous donators, handicraftsmen and cooks, and those who helped to sell, as well as to all friends of our bazar. This is an artist from Nizhny Tagil, master of the Ural painting, Tatiana Hailfinger. Her fine work – Christmas trees and balls for the Christmas tree always find true fans and buyers.
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Charity bazaar in Munich, 9-12-2018

Dear friends!!! On December 9, at Lincolnstr.58 München, the regular charity bazaar of Diakonia “Good Deed” volunteers has taken place !!!

We raised the funds for two little ones: Nicolay Borzov, 6 y.o., from St.Petersburg and Alexey Sebov, 2 y.o., from Odessa region.

With efforts of everybody, we have collected EUR 1605,70 for the kids! A good result)
In addition to this, Maria Jhons, who has recently held a marathon in Munich, has donated EUR 500!!! With this, we can give out as much as EUR 2105,70!
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Charity bazaar, Berlin 16-12-2018

Dear friends,
we wish to thank everybody visited our charity bazaar on December, 16 2018.
With your kind help, we have raised EUR 673,40 for Masha Laputina and Alissa Terechova.


Greetings, dear friends!
Thank you for your support. In November, we have paid for:
the accommodation during the period of treatment for the family of Veronica Kurpas, 12 years old, Kiev, tuberculous osteitis;
the treatment of Bogdan Nutrikhin, 8 years old, Syktyvkar, epiphriscuses after the oncology;
the translation services for the treatment for Denis Krasnikov, 14, Voronezh, cerebral palsy;
the accommodation during the period of rehabilitation for Lisa Ekimova, 7 years old, Tomsk, cerebral palsy;
а special stroller for Dima Sergienko, 11 years old, Voronezh. cerebral palsy;
the debt to the clinic for the treatment of Masha Laputina, 2 year old, Sumy region, cerebral hemorrhage, shunting.

Here are the names of our care-receivers that we wish to help in this month before the New Year.
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