June 2016

Dear friends!

The summer season has started! During it, just as during Christmas, we tend to dream and make great plans. Let us achieve all of our bravest and purest dreams with the help of God!
Two years ago at the coordinators event we made a plan to have a big international Day of the Orthodox Volunteer, which will be held for the second time in Germany this year. To this date it is the only platform where volunteer groups and charitable organisations from the FSU, Europe, Israel, England and America can meet up, exchange experience, establish contacts and form bonds of helping each other. This year we are holding it in Munich, 1st-3rd of July. Everyone involved in benevolence and volunteering is heartily welcome to come, absorb experience and be a part of the communal deed of helping others! More information and registration can be found on our site orthodiakonia.de
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Orthodox Volunteer Day 2-7-2016 Munich

On July 2, Church commemorates St. John of Shangai, who, among other things, is the patron saint of volunteer aid workers.

The Orthodox Volunteer Day in Berlin-German Dioscese was decided to be held on first Saturday of July. This time this is July 2nd. The activities of the Day will take place in the Cathedral of the Holy New-Martyrs and Confessors of Russia and St. Nicholas in Munich.
The topic of the year is: HEARTNESS AND RESPONSIBILITY
The program is centred around the psychological aspects of volunteer activities and the support of the volunteers in their work with the patients.

The updates and registration form can be found at our website.
Update: the registration is extended till June 22!.

Preliminary program (in Russian)
Preliminary program (in German)

One can also register by phone or e-mail:

+ 49 1525 7081910, Elena.Lysova@orthodiakonia.de
+ 49 176 97892079, Katharina.Schadrov@orthodiakonia.de

Orthodox Volunteer Day 2015

May 2016

Dear friends!

I wish you all a great Easter Feast!
These days we want to believe more than usual that we are all saved, and there is no death ahead, neither the suffering behind …
Thanks to everyone who seeks to be more alive right now!
Thank you for your help!

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April 2016

Dear friends!

With regard to the children I told about in my March letter, I’m eager to report the following:

  • To proceed with the treatment of Natalya Dolmatova from Perm, 11 y.o, brain cancer in Charite clinic, Berlin, we need to collect only EUR 6,500 from EUR 33,650. The deadline is the beginning of May.
  • Parents and friends of Vika Vakatova, 7 y.o., dislocation of the hip joints, progressive scoliosis, managed to collect CHF 19,000 required for the concluding surgery in Kinderspital clinic, Zurich. Many thanks to our Swiss colleagues, the members of diaconie group of Resurrection parish, for financial and moral help to this family!
  • Levon Avargzhanyan, 3 y.o., cerebral palsy, arrested psychomotoric and speech development, still requires for his rehabilitation in Junior Rehabilitation Center “Rodnik” in St. Petersburg RUB 190,000 from RUB 225,000 required.
  • Alyona Ivanova, 1 year 8 month old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has started her treatment in Turkey. The funds you have collected will be transferred to this hospital.
  • We continue to search for the sponsor for a big family of our colleague Leonid Markov who is employed in charity fund “Diakonia” that works with drug addicts as consultant on chemical dependencies in rehabilitation centers and in the social adaptation center.

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A successful tour

OrangeneHimmelA short tour of a Moscow theather “Orange sky” in Kleve, Germany is just over.
The troupe gave 4 performances in three days.
For two evenings, the Russian- and German-speaking audience enjoyed in XOX theather an excellent stage direction and terrific acting at the performance of “The Little Tragedies” by Pushkin ( Mozart and Salieri, The Miserly Knight, The Stone Guest, and A Feast During the Plague)
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