Berlin, 6-3-2016

We have had a charity feast of Maslenitsa (Butter week).
We wish to thank everybody who came to the feast for your donations, and for excellent mood and hope that you give to others! All together, we managed to collect EUR 635 to pay the treatment of Stanislav Sychenkov – thank you so much indeed!
Yours, volunteers of Good Deed.


March 2016

Dear friends,
I wish to thank you for all-round support of our children: not only of those requiring funds, but also of those who require our time and human warmth!

Our achievements in February:

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February 2016

Dear friends!
The children I wrote about in January still need our help:

Artem Leicht 3 years old, is diagnosed with a spastic paraparesis of a 3rd grade and the left side of his body is atrophied. The child can’t walk, but manages to get up. For a 3-week rehabilitation course in the clinic of Ratingen it is necessary to collect 4665€.
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January 2016

Dear friends!

Congratulations with all the feasts just past! Let the New Year 2016 be better than the past one.

As usual, I give a short report for the past year.

With your aid, we have helped to 34 kids with funds and organization. Thank you for your kind heart!

Yet more sick kids and adults, and their families, have gotten the volunteer support. Thank you, dear volunteers!

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The first charity bazaar of “Good Deed” took place in Berlin

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We thank all organizers and supporters!
The bazaar took place in the church of the Intercession of the Theotokos on January 3. Pastry, hand-crafts and exclusive soap made especially for the event have been attracting the visitors of the bazaar. We have provided master-classes where children enjoyed making their own toys. Despite the ten-degree frost that reached Berlin on this day, there were quite some visitors: most parishioners have dropped by after the Liturgy and brought their friends and acquaintances.
We have collected EUR 850. Money have been transferred to the Diakonia account. It will be used for the treatment of Andrei Andreev, a boy from Enakievo with shrapnel in his spine.
Thank you all for your participation!