Dear friends, blessed Christmas to you!
The wonderful New Year’s holidays have just passed. Thank you for using this time for active participation in good deeds! With your help, we have brought joy to many children and families.
The gifts and congratulations have been sent to our care-receivers undergoing treatment in Germany, those in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, who returned home after a treatment or are still preparing for a treatment, to the families who took part in DobroMore rehabilitation programs, and to low-income families with sick children in Montenegro — in total, to about 100 families and 150 children.

Some responses:
“Many thanks to everyone who has helped and taken part …. You bring happiness and joy not only to children, but also to us, the parents …. Low bow for your kind hearts !!!!!!!!!”
“We got your gifts! Thank you very much !!!!! 🙏I can’t even express how unexpected and pleasant it is! It’s so joyful that you remember us🥰 Ruslan, when he has found out about the gifts, sat at the door for an hour anxious not to miss the moment of delivery 😂 He unpacked it himself and was very happy). Thanks again to your whole team, to all who feels involved 🙏 Owing to such people, the world is changing for the better! We wish you great happiness, good health, and to all your loved ones! Let the troubles bypass your homes, let you children grow up and make you happy. We are happy to meet on our way. We hope to see you soon! Take care of yourself! With love and gratitude!”
“Just in time for the Christmas table 🙏 How wonderful you are! Thank you very much. We also wish you wonderful holidays!”

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Dear friends, thank you for your support!
The magical Yule season is approaching. We all have the same hopes and wishes at the end of this year. But for the people we help, the words “hope”, “gift”, “happiness” still have a deeper and more important meaning.

In November, we have helped the family of Eva Grabovskaya, 3 years old, Kemerovo, stage 4 neuroblastoma, to pay for housing during her treatment in Greifswald. We have supported 3 families, whose members have medical diagnoses, in a difficult situation.

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Dear friends, thank you for your support!
As long as we help each other and care about each other, the humanity has a survival chance, and each of us has an opportunity to remain human in any circumstances.

In October, we have helped to Maksim Antonenko, 28 years old, Ukraine, and 4 families in difficult situations, where people have medical diagnoses.

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Dear friends,
Thank you all for your support!
Our volunteers, despite the difficult times, continue to help. Now many families with sick children require support – financial, psychological, organizational- more than usual.
We are cooperating even more closely with many organizations, including those in Russia. In recent months, we have managed to provide humanitarian assistance on the spot thanks to the amazing project of our Moscow colleagues Galaktika Dobra (“Galaxy of Good”, galaktika.dobra at Instagram) that helps low-income families all over Russia.
Even more support is needed for our care-receivers, who, despite the quarantines and restrictions, manage to break through to Europe for a treatment. Sometimes this is the last chance to save a life. Sometimes the Lord sets it otherwise. But even then, we remain close…
Here are excerpts from a September report of a local volunteer group in Germany:
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Dear friends,
Thank you all for the support!

In August, your help was received by
Alexey Afonin, 5 years old, St. Petersburg, neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland;
Artem Kashira, 23 years old, Tula region, Russia, traumatic brain injury at birth;
Yaroslav Andreev, 9 years old, Kaluga region, Russia, cerebral palsy;
Maxim Antonenko, 28 years old, Ukraine, progressive left-sided squamous cell carcinoma;
Serhiy Derkach, 29 years old, Ternopil region, Ukraine, hemangioendotheliopericytoma (spinal injury);
The big Kochnov family from Rostov region, Russia.

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